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Are You Making the Grade in Leadership? 

As a leader, there are three core processes that must be managed to achieve your organization's objectives:
  • Strategy Processes
  • People Processes  
  • Operations Processes­

Use this leadership report card to identify the processes you need to strengthen in order to lead your team more effectively.  


SCOPE OF LEADERSHIP                          

 GRADE (A,B or C)

  • Strategy Processes
    • Clarifying market or organizational positioning.
    • Providing clear, documented direction for your team.
    • Incorporating cost considerations into decision making.


  • People Processes
    • Articulating performance expectations.
    • Assessing performance directly and with frequency.
    • Acquiring the right people for the right jobs.
    • Building a diverse succession pipeline.


  • Operational Processes
    • Connecting strategy to human capabilities in order to produce desired outcomes.
    • Synchronizing the execution of various tasks and activities that collectively meet organizational objectives.




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