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Acing the Introduction  

Asking a current contact (connector) for an introduction to someone in their network is one of the best ways to build business. It allows you to become part of an existing relationship and greatly increases your chances for a successful call or meeting.


Here are 3 tips to help you master the art of asking for the introduction:

  • Be Considerate. Ask if the relationship between your connector and their network contact is a positive one and if they would feel comfortable making an introduction. If there is hesitancy on the part of your connector, be considerate of their perspective and give them a gracious out.
  • Set the Stage for an "Opt-in." If your connector agrees to help you, be patient. Allow the connector some time to acquire permission to send a formal introduction on your behalf.
  • Make Things Simple. Draft a short message that the connector can easily forward that clearly explains the reason(s) why you want the introduction. This allows your intentions to be clearly understood and makes it easy for the connector to quickly move on your request.

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