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 Need to strengthen the organizational savvy of managers or leaders in your organization? 


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Managing Up  

The concept of "managing up" shifts the attention from how you lead to how you follow. Those who master the art of managing up are able to successfully foster productive relationships with their leaders and position their contribution as indispensible. Here are 2 ways to help you execute this mission:


  • Be Proactive. Raising awareness is your job. Keep your leader informed about the status of your projects and key tasks. Periodically, create a concise brief detailing your successes and challenges. Choose the frequency and format that you think would work best, given your leader's style and preferences.
  • Be a Listener. Actively listen to the challenges faced by your leader and offer to help before being asked. By leveraging your network or resources to help close gaps and overcome barriers, you establish a solid reputation for reliability and enhance your visibility as a problem-solver.



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