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Retaining the Best Talent

As the economy improves and opportunities for more lucrative jobs that align with personal passions become available, leaders must consider strategic ways to retain high-performers. Keeping your prized talent engaged requires a thoughtful and intentional effort. Here are 2 ways to entice and retain your best talent.
  • Inspire and Empower Your Followers. It has been said that great leadership inspires a following. This implies that the choice to follow you begins with inciting feelings of self-directed action and creativity. When presented with unique or innovative ideas for getting work done, don't immediately dismiss suggestions and thereby stifle creativity. Instead agree to think it over and follow up by having a casual conversation over coffee (or tea) to discuss the feasibility and risks.
  • Focus on What Matters. Find out what energizes each of your direct reports and offer opportunities to channel that energy toward related projects or tasks, even if those opportunities exist outside of your department. By allowing high-performers to engage across the organization, you provide exposure and incite fresh thinking, while contributing to strategic objectives.

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