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From "Command and Control" to Empowerment

As the role of the team leader continues to evolve, interpersonal savvy is becoming an increasingly important leadership competency. Empowering team members, rather than exerting authority, to get things done is an example of this shifting leadership behavior. Empowerment involves increasing the capacity of those on your team to take initiative and make decisions that produce desired results.


Here are 2 ways to help you make the shift from command and control to empowerment:  

  • Discontinue the Dictatorship. Instead of taking a directive approach to overseeing your team, strive to develop their skills through coaching. Encourage direct reports to take calculated risks and give genuine recognition to those who take initiative, not just those who wait for your instructions to make a move.
  • Modify Your Mindset. Change the "employees work for me" mindset into one that views your team as your customer. Looking through this lens will support your efforts to make each contributor a successful champion of their own work.

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