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 Want a high impact experience for your team without the real-world risk?  


A simulation could move leadership development initiatives to the next level. Call today to arrange this kind of experiential learning intervention for your team or organization.


For more information, contact Terry Margolis, Director of EPD, at or call (313) 577-4449.

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Two Leadership Skills You Won't Learn in B-School 

MBA coursework does not always translate into real-world leadership competency. While exposure to effective strategies and tools is certainly helpful, experience is still the best teacher. Here are 2 tips that you won't always see in a textbook:

  • Resilience. In the real world, leading teams rarely resembles the lockstep prescriptions presented by case studies. On the contrary, employee interactions require a wide range of skills and a good dose of diligence, along with a shrewd ability to constantly construct solutions on-demand.
  • Humility. True, the letters behind your name are a testament to your expertise, but earning an MBA is not a license to be an autocratic leader. Be slow to speak and quick to listen to those that you lead.

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