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Are There Large-scale Changes on the Horizon in Your Organization?  

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Building Bridges Across the Choppy Waters of Change  

More than 80% of those polled in a recent study admit to being somewhat confused about the difference between change and change management. The truth is these concepts are not interchangeable. Change relates to the process, while change management is the strategy for supporting the people impacted by the process. The key distinction is the emphasis on the human aspect of change. This distinction is the bridge upon which organizational change is made possible.


Are you working through a difficult change initiative that impacts your employees? Are your employees resisting? Is the thought of engaging employees on this topic overwhelming? Here are 2 ways to help you successfully navigate your team through organizational change.


  1. Open Lines of Communication. Create and maintain an open environment for receiving feedback from all employee levels on the change initiative.
  2. Celebrate Small Wins. Ensure that the change initiative includes interim goals throughout the project. Take the time to celebrate these small wins and praise employees for the effort they put forth.
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