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Putting Training to Work 

Learning transfer refers to the process of helping participants apply what they learned in a training workshop back on the job. If participants don't use the concepts and ideas on the job, the training has not been effective and any opportunity for a return on the training investment is lost. Has business-as-usual eroded opportunities for your direct reports to apply learning? Have you made use of the new knowledge acquired by your team members?


Here are 3 ways to put training to work:


  1. Turn On the Spotlight. Ask an employee that returns from training to share 3-5 key learning points with the team at the next meeting.
  2. Expect Application. Work with newly trained employees to identify one project or task to which key learning concepts can be applied. Arrange an opportunity for them to report back with the results.
  3. Give Recognition. Openly acknowledge the members of your team for implementing new ideas to improve efficiencies.
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