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Taking Knowledge Captive 

The highly anticipated exodus of knowledge from the workforce, occurring from the retirement of Baby Boomers, has been delayed by the recession, but remains inevitable. As this group of seasoned talent slowly departs the workforce, a golden opportunity is presented. The state of the economy has allowed leaders time to ramp up strategies that focus on transferring years of priceless, tacit knowledge to a younger workforce.   


Here are 2 ways to put a plug in the "brain-drain" that your team might be experiencing now, or in the near future:


  1. Don't put all of your eggs in the database basket. Storage does not guarantee knowledge transfer. Plan to engage your teams in activities that allow them to use data that has been collected to avoid the abandonment of the database.
  2. Model the behavior. Create opportunities for junior contributors to shadow those slated for retirement to capture and transfer the wealth of experience embodied by these seasoned knowledge workers.
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