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Is Your Team's Vision Strategic?


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Does Your Team Need a Vision if the Organization Already Has One?


Yes! Every team needs a vision that directly contributes to the overall organization's goals. This ensures every team member has a clear picture of how the team fits into and benefits the larger organization. Most importantly, a team's vision provides long-term information on the end-state the team is striving for each day. It also puts the bottom line up front and in view of everyone - a great PR tool that promotes a team's purpose and value. In addition, a vision can serve as an informal standard for assessing individual performance.


To build a vision statement that is clearly articulated, succinct and meaningful, try these 5 steps to jump start the process:

  1. Provide each team member with a copy of the overall organization's vision statement.
  2. Gather your team and brainstorm words or phrases that describe the future outcome you envision for your team or department.
  3. Write all responses on a whiteboard or flip chart.
  4. Ask each team member to vote for their top two words or phrases.
  5. Use the words that receive the highest votes to craft a vision statement that results in the commitment of every team member.
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