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Need Help With Problem Solving Skills?

EPD has helped organizations successfully cultivate a problem solving culture using a number of business tools, including root cause analysis.


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What Lies Beneath - Getting to the Root of the Problem


Have you become the local firefighter in your organization? Are you putting out fires left and right with little time to debrief results before the fire bug strikes again? If you have fallen prey to the trap of solving problems before truly knowing the root cause, you may actually be igniting future fires.


The next time you want to investigate the true nature of an existing problem facing your team, remember these 3 ground rules for beginning a root cause analysis:


  1. Dig Deep. One problem has one root cause.
  2. Be Honest. If you have more than one root cause, you probably have more than one problem.
  3. Think Critically. The appropriate root cause will answer the question: "Why did the problem occur?
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