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May the Force Field Analysis Be with You


When ideas are under consideration for implementation, it is important to consider the forces in the organization working for the proposed change and the forces working against its implementation. The Force Field Analysis is a business tool that gives us a way to capture and consider those possibilities.


The next time you are implementing a proposed solution, idea or plan, use these 3 steps to conduct a Force Field Analysis:   

  1. Clearly and succinctly define the proposed idea.
    • Draw a large T on a flipchart or paper.
    • At the top of the T, write the proposed idea, plan, solution, etc.
  2. Brainstorm the forces supporting implementation and forces that will present restraints or barriers.
    • List the forces supporting or enabling implementation on the left side.
    • List the restraints or barriers to implementation on the right side.
  3. Develop action steps to leverage the supports and remove or address the barriers.

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