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Effective Decision Making is a Key Competency for Leaders. How are Your Skills Working for You?


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When Does Decision Making by Consensus

Make Sense?


It's been said, "When the only tool in your toolbox is a hammer, you tend to view every situation as a nail." This analogy works for tools and business decisions alike. It is a light-hearted reminder that every decision you encounter should not be approached in the same way.


While some decisions require a direct leadership approach, there are situations when the best decision will result from involving other team members. Here are four indicators that may point to consensus building as the best decision style:  

  1. Complexity. The problem is unusual or unclear.
  2. Acceptance. Successful implementation of a solution depends on the buy-in of stakeholders.
  3. Outcomes. High-quality outcomes rely on key input from team members.
  4. Time. There is a low degree of urgency associated with the decision that needs to be made.
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