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Write like THIS not like THAT


Business writing has its own intricacies. Adopting a business-oriented writing style is an ongoing process, but steering clear of a few classic pitfalls can improve your writing skills immediately. Here are 3 things to avoid when composing your next written message in the business world:     

  1. Being Poetic. Stay away from metaphors and flowery language. Writing for business is all about clarity, so don't use complex words when simple ones will do. Say what you need to say and say it plainly.
  2. Being Sarcastic. Sarcasm can be misinterpreted or missed altogether when you write for business. Don't assume your reader is in on the joke and say what you mean.
  3. Overusing Jargon. Jargon is often irritating and hard to understand. Using clear, universal language makes a more meaningful impact.
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