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Creating an Efficient and Effective Workspace

There is nothing like moving to inspire organization. The energy that propels you to eliminate waste and establish new routines is unparalleled during relocation.  As the EPD team settled into our new home at  5057 Woodward Avenue on Wayne State University's main campus, we discovered something; we teach our clients the tools and methodologies of process improvement, but the experience of moving definitely made us students again.


Here are three simple steps you can take today to make your workspace more efficient and effective:  


1. Enact a Statute of Limitations on File Storage

Determine a time frame for file retention based on both legal and business requirements.  Dispose of all files and paper documents that are outside that time frame.  Don't allow stagnant files to have permanent residence in your workspace.


2. Eliminate Duplicates

If a file is stored electronically, designate it as the "Single Source of Truth" and eliminate duplicate versions. This Lean philosophy reduces redundancy, increases file storage space and eliminates the need to ask "which version of this file is the right one?" Migrating from an on-site server to a virtual (cloud computing) technology is a great way to store electronic files in a central location and enable your team to access data anywhere, anytime.


3. Exercise the Less is More Approach

Reduce unnecessary storage, such as extra file cabinets and bins, because the more you have, the more you will use.  An easy place to start - donate items that clutter hallways and aisles or generally make the office look untidy.

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