Spring:  Fresh New Ideas!
Dear Friends,

This spring we have been to so many fabulous TREP$ Marketplaces, and learned so much from YOU.   What great ways you have found to overcome obstacles and encourage kids to become innovators.   We'd like to encourage you to use our TREP$ Facebook page to ask for help when you encounter an obstacle of your own! 

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Now, for the part you all look forward to... the TREP$ Spotlights!!!  We have met so many creative hard working kids recently.  You are just going to love reading their stories over the next few months!
Meet Jeremy, the Gummi Guy!

     Hi, My Name is Jeremy Rochelle. I recently participated in my 1st TREP$ Marketplace. I enjoyed my experience very much and I am hoping to do it again next year. I am a 5th Grader at Bragg Elementary. I am the owner of the Gummi Guy Candy Company.

I was originally going to do a lawn care service, but realized that people would think twice about hiring somebody to do there lawn in the winter. So I had to figure out a plan B. I liked the idea of making candy, so  after checking out many different recipes, I decided to do gummy candy.  


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Meet Kyle, of InstaGreetings 

My name is Kyle Papili and I was very lucky to participate in the Bragg school's TREP$ Marketplace. I sold InstaGreetings at the TREP$ marketplace, and it was great. I learned a lot about business which will definitely be helpful later on in my life.  


A lot of people that came to my stand thought that it was very cool that I made an animated Christmas card. A few people even asked if I would make them their own fully customized animation and I told them that I would be happy to. Animations and cartoons amuse me and a lot of kids so I figured if people love Christmas and animations, why not combine them? So that's what I did.In the end I was very successfully and I left the marketplace feeling very proud of myself.


So overall I think the TREP$ Marketplace was a huge success, as was the whole class. I would definitely try this again in middle school.


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Meet Brianna of Brianna's Boutique 

Hello my name is Brianna Drwiega and this is how I got my idea for the TREP$ marketplace. I knew I wanted to do something with shirts but, didn't know what or how to do it. I told my parents and my dad gave me the idea of silk screening.

My business name was next and
the trickiest of all. I took my name and thought of words that started with "B." I thought of bouquet and then boutique came to mind. Then it became "Brianna's Boutique!"

Now my ideas for the shirts had to be simple otherwise it wouldn't work. So, I took two designs for boys and two for the girls. For the girls I did a peace sign and a shirt that had a heel and a purse and under it it said accessorize! For the boys I did the falcon sign for our school and a sports fan shirt covered with almost all sports Americans like. The falcons could be for girls too. Now when I imagined it it looked a little different that what it turned out to be...

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Meet Camille, Artist. 

My name is Camille and I'm 11 years old. I go to Mackay School in Tenafly. I was away on the first meeting in TREP$, so, I missed the whole first week. The second meeting, I felt really far behind. I knew that I wanted to do something related to Art because I think I'm really good at it. I also thought that since TREP$ is for 5th graders, I could do something for Graduation. Maybe a souvenir? Something people could keep? Well, I could create Graduation cards with a drawing of Mackay School on it!


First I took a photo of the school and then, I got started on my pencil drawing. When I was just about finished, I lost it! It must still be in my house somewhere! I had to do the entire drawing all over again. My mom said it was worth it because the second one was better than the first one...



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"Most young students would be happy just to receive a good grade for a project.


Albert Westpfal isn't like most kids.

Westpfal, a fourth grade student at John F. Kennedy Elementary School, created what he calls a yarn pen for his TREPS Workshop project. TREPS is an annual event held at the elementary schools designed to teach students about entrepreneurship. Students have to create a new product, or modify an existing one, and sell it at a marketplace.


Westpfal designed the product to teach visually impaired children how to recognize and better identify shapes, letters, and words...."


Click here to read the article in the Wayne Patch Newspaper. 



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