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National Entrepreneurship Week is Almost Here!                     February 2012 

The 6th Annual National Entrepreneurship Week will be Awesome!

Talk about timing...  Looks like Schuyler Colfax School will be having a TREP$ Marketplace to celebrate!!   Make sure you are sending in press releases to let the world know about your activities, and click here to send them to us and we will post them on our facebook page!


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Meet Alex, Pianist and Small Business Owner
Alex Piano CD- Macopin

My name is Alex Kerssen and I participated in TREP$ three different times and had fun in all three. When I was trying to find an idea as to what to sell, I pretty much knew right away that it would have something to do with music. Music is most of what I do and it's what I'm good at, so I figured it couldn't be too bad. I wanted to show people that I can play. So I recorded CDs (autographed!) of my dad, my brother, and I playing, as well as a few "guest stars".

My business was largely successful seeing that I made adequate profit at all three marketplaces. I had fun and it was a good experience for me.

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Meet Lindsay and Mackenzie, LM Spindle Snowmen
Spindle Snowmen

Hi our names are Lindsay and Mackenzie and we are both 5th grade students at Marshall Hill Elementary School.  


When we first though about what products to sell at our school's TREP$ Marketplace we came up with a lot of different ideas. We were going to sell wooden holiday signs, then colored hair extensions. We were trying to come up with a product that everyone would want. Lindsay's mom, Wendy, saw a snowman made out of spindles in a craft magazine. We thought that was a great idea.....everyone likes snowmen.  


We decided to name our business L & M Spindle Snowmen, the L stands for Lindsay and the M for Mackenzie. We made 40 snowmen of all different sizes and with different colored hats, buttons and scarves. We were hoping they would all sell. We were going to sell them for $5.00 each but then we talked to our moms and thought that might be too much money so we decided to sell them for $4.00 each.

We had a stand with lights to help advertise them at the marketplace. Everyone loved them....we sold out in a little over an hour. We were the first business to sell out at our marketplace! We decided to take orders and had 20 more orders placed. Everyone kept telling us that we should have charged more money for them, $6.00 even $8.00.

We are not sure if we want to make the snowmen again next year but we definitely want to be a part of the TREP$ Marketplace. It was a great experience and so much fun. We can't wait for next year!!!


Lindsay Mackenzie..... Business owners- L M Spindle Snowmen


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With the mission of empowering each child with an entrepreneurial mindset, TREP$ is working to improve the futures of today's youth.

TREP$ (short for enTREPreneurS), is an after-school program in which children in grades 4-8 are taught everything they need to know to start their own businesses in about 6 weeks. The program ends with a large scale flea-market style event called The TREP$ Marketplace, giving the new entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their businesses, selling real products to real customers for real money! Talk about a motivating experience.

Winner of NJPTA'S Champion for Children Award, TREP$ is helping many schools around the world teach important skills while engaging and motivating the children.  The program has been featured on NJN's Classroom Close-Up as well as ASCD's Education Update.

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Wed, February 8, 2012
Alpine School
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Alpine School
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Sun, February 12, 2012

1:00-3:00 pm

Cooperstown School
Cooperstown, NY

Wed, February 15, 2012
MacKay School
Tenafly, NJ

Fri, February 16, 2012
Richard Butler School
Butler, NJ

Fri, February 23, 2012 
Schuyler Colfax Middle School Wayne, NJ

Fri, March 2, 2012 

Memorial Middle School
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Fri, March 9, 2012

JFK Elementary
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Fri, March 9, 2012
Reverend Brown School
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Fri, March 16, 2012
Califon School
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Fri, March 23, 2012

Paradise Knoll School
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Fri, March 30, 2012
Walter T Bergen
Bloomingdale, NJ

Wed, April 4, 2012
Stillwater School
Stillwater, NJ

Thur, April 12, 2012 

Ridgewood Avenue School
Glen Ridge, NJ

Fri, April 20, 2012 

McKeown Elementary
Hampton, NJ

Sat, April 21, 2012
Cedar Hill School
Towaco, NJ 

Fri, April 27, 2012

Westbrook School
West Milford, NJ

Sat, May 5, 2012
Golden Hill School
Florida, NY

Sat, June 2, 2012
The Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, NJ

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