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December 2010
Dear Friends,

These kids are amazing.  Talk about an energy boost!  Attending all these Marketplaces is really getting us into the spirit of the season.   We've been finding some great presents at bargain prices.  Just look at the lawn snowmen (made of fence wood) in the heading graphic- I had to order one of those- they sold out in the first 20 minutes of the marketplace!  Look below to read the story of these two young entrepreneurs.  If you haven't been able to attend a marketplace yet, don't worry, there are more in the next few weeks.

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Upcoming Marketplaces

Come see the crowd,  hear the buzz,
listen to the sales-pitches, and feel the ENERGY!

December 8, 2010    6:30-8:30 pm
McKeown School, Hampton, NJ

December 9, 2010    7:00-9:00 pm
Smith School, Tenafly, NJ

December 14, 2010  6:30-8:30 pm
White Rock School, Oak Ridge, NJ

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Meet Alex and Christian, of "Winter Welcomes"
Alex and Christian at Marketplace

Our names are Alex and Christian and we are the owners of "Winter Welcomes."  We go to Maple Road School in West Milford, NJ.  For the TREP$ Marketplace at our school this year, we produced Fencepost Snowmen.


We didn't start out with the idea of the fencepost snowmen.  At first we planned to do tie-dye t-shirts, but we gave up on that idea.  Then, Alex's mom, who had seen the basic idea for the snowmen in a store, mentioned it to us.  We decided that the "Fencepost Snowman" was a good idea for two reasons-the product looks rustic and we live in a country area, and the timing was right since winter was approaching.  


We had a great time doing TREP$, but it wasn't always easy.  We both agree that the hardest challenge was making the snowmen!!!  Where we live, it isn't easy to find fence materials in the winter time, so that was our first challenge.  Then, the paint was the trickiest part of production because not only did you have to do two coats on each one, there was the wait-time for drying.  Even though there were challenges, and it was a lot of work, our families chipped in and it was worth it.  Production was really the only downside to our business.


The Marketplace was the most fun part about TREP$.   We had so many customers at one time and they were getting squeezed by the crowd, so they did not stay to "chat."  When they could, some said things like, "This is creative" or "I LOVE IT" which was nice to hear.   Many teachers at our school had "pre-ordered" our product, so we are glad we advertised and displayed our prototype.  We did sell out quickly at the marketplace, but by taking additional orders, we DOUBLED our final profit.  We even got the chance to walk around ourselves, and buy other kids' products.  It was really fun to see what everyone else had created to sell.


We aren't sure what we will sell next year at the Marketplace.  Even though this product was such a hit, we have concerns about selling them next year.  These snowmen are "made to last"; they have primer which means the wood does not rot.  Therefore, we are afraid that we would not have repeat customers.  If we did plan to make them again, we would start in the summer when the fence-posts were more available!

Meet Delia, The Queen of Snow

Hi my name is Delia and this is my story about TREP$ in Maple Road School. It was my first time doing TREP$.

At first, I was going to make woven coasters from recycled magazines,  but I decided they would have been too hard and too much work. Instead, I made 3-D paper snowflakes.I picked 3-D snowflakes because they are unusual, not too expensive to make, and people would like them.
At the weekly workshops I learned a lot about being a business person. Each week we had a business challenge that we had to overcome. That was really fun! We also learned about advertising, making a business plan, and start up funds.  The people who ran TREP$ at my school were amazing. They made the whole thing lots of fun.

I was proud of myself for working hard. I learned that I should have started planning and making my product earlier - I waited too long to get going! My family helped me out too, so I was lucky. I also learned that I should have made more - I sold out at the marketplace! I learned that by pricing my product well, I was able to sell a lot of them. My favorite part was working on the advertisements, because I got to be creative and use my imagination. My profit was $63.00

I will definitely do TREP$ again - I'm already on the lookout for what I will do next year!

In the Nation

President Obama Proclaims

National Entrepreneurs' Day During GEW

Presidential Proclamation Shines Light on Important Role Entrepreneurs Play in Building the Economy.

The President of the United States and his Administration have sent a strong signal in support of the entrepreneurs who power the national economy. They announced November 19th as National Entrepreneurs' Day in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week.

"All Americans can play a role in increasing the prevalence and success of new start-ups," President Obama said in a statement. "Business leaders can mentor a budding entrepreneur who has an original idea and the will to execute, but could benefit from the guidance of an experienced owner or operator."


Read More

The OHIO ReportOhio Forum Logo

What a great time we had at the National Entrepreneurship Forum in Columbus! We even had the opportunity to meet some out of state TREP$ facilitators for the first time! 

NEXT YEAR we want to bring all of you with us to the forum!  There is so much information and inspiration from speakers who share really practical ideas.  You really have to make this forum a priority for next fall!  Did I mention- they gave out so many scholarships!  There might be one waiting for you---

New to TREP$?
With the mission of empowering each child with an entrepreneurial mindset, TREP$ is working to improve the futures of today's youth.

TREP$ (short for enTREPreneurS), is an after-school program in which children in grades 4-8 are taught everything they need to know to start their own businesses in about 6 weeks. The program ends with a large scale flea-market style event called The TREP$ Marketplace, giving the new entrepreneurs the opportunity to launch their businesses, selling real products to real customers for real money! Talk about a motivating experience.

Winner of NJPTA'S Champion for Children Award, TREP$ is helping many schools around the world teach important skills while engaging and motivating the children.  The program has been featured on NJN's Classroom Close-Up as well as ASCD's Education Update.

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The purpose of TREP$ is not just to teach kids how to start their own businesses.

Our goal is to empower these children
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What is the Rubber Band Contest?

Are you ready to stretch your imagination? The Akron Global Polymer Academy of The University of Akron is hosting the third annual Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors to encourage students in grades 5-8 to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity by creating an invention that incorporates the use of rubber bands. There will be two separate divisions of competition - Arts & Leisure and Science & Engineering. Four finalists will be brought to Akron, Ohio, where the first place winner and runner-up in each division, will be announced at an Awards Ceremony on May 14, 2011. The first place winner in each division will receive a $1,000 savings bond, while the runner-up in each division will receive a $500 savings bond*, respectively. The top 8 semi-finalists who are not chosen as finalists will each receive a $50 gift card. The top four schools with the most entries will each receive a $250 donation.
February 16, 2011 - Entry Deadline
Click here for more information.
Sponsored by: The University of Akron, The Akron Polymer Training Center and Rubber Division, ACS

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