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Real Stories of Young Entrepreneurs
Have you checked out this online magazine yet?  It's so much fun to read the stories of all these young entrepreneurs including our very own Tim Gorab, who did TREP$ this past spring at Paradise Knoll School in New Jersey.  He did such an amazing job- building these really cool wooden gumball machines that had the whole marketplace buzzing... tim, the gumball guy
Click here to see Tim in this month's issue!

Can TREP$ Come to Your School?
Let Us Help You.
Are you excited at the thought of bringing the experience of entrepreneurship to your school, but need a little help getting everyone else on board? 

If you're in the NJ area, invite us to a faculty or parent meeting and let us help you ramp up the excitement!

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TREP$ Schools
Cedar Grove MS
Cedar Grove, NJ
Maugham Elementary
Tenafly, NJ
Smith Elementary
Tenafly, NJ
Stillman Elementary
Tenafly, NJ
Ryerson School
Wayne, NJ
Our Lady of Consolation
Wayne, NJ
Youth Express
St Paul, MN
Cedar Hill School

Towaco, NJ
Califon School
Califon, NJ
Oxford Central School
Oxford, NJ
Schuyler Colfax School
Wayne, NJ
Frankford Twp School
Frankford, NJ
Sussex Avenue School
Morristown, NJ
Clarke County School District
Atlanta, GA
Golden Hill Elementary
Florida, NY
Jawahir Al Riyadh Int'l School

Riyadh, SA
Future Window Int'l School
Riyadh, SA
Al Ghad School

Riyadh, SA
Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, NJ
Edgemont School
Montclair, NJ
Ridgewood Ave School
Glen Ridge, NJ
Richard Butler Middle School
Butler NJ
West Hall Middle School
Oakwood, GA 
Gilmour Academy Lower School
Gates Mills, OH
Kingdom School
Riyadh, SA
Najd School
Riyadh, SA
King Khaled Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA
The Star School,

Flagstaff, Arizona
Lecole Soleil Levant,

New Brunswick, Canada
Mackay Elementary,
Tenafly, NJ
Tumeh Family Home School
Bluff, UT
Cooperstown MS,

Cooperstown, NY
JFK Elementary,
Wayne, NJ
Lounsberry Hollow,

Vernon, NJ
UGL School,
Hewitt, NJ 
Al Yasmin Int'l,

Riyadh, SA 
Yara Int'l School,

Riyadh, SA
Cobb Cnty District,

Cobb Cty, GA
New MiddleEast Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
Fredon School,

Fredon, NJ 
Reverend Brown,
Sparta, NJ
White Rock School,

Jefferson, NJ 
Lafayette School,
Lafayette, NJ 
Stillwater School,
Stillwater, NJ 
Marshall Hill,

West Milford, NJ
Green Hills School,

Green, NJ 
Maple Road School,

West Milford, NJ 
Westbrook School,

West Milford, NJ 
Haledon School,
Haledon, NJ
Birchwood School,
West Nyack, NY 
Euclid School,

Hasbrouck Hts, NJ 
Holy Spirit,

Pequannock, NJ 
McKeown School,

Hampton, NJ 
Walter T Bergen MS,
Bloomingdale, NJ 
Paradise Knoll,

Oak Ridge, NJ

  November 2010

Dear Friends,
Excitement is brewing with the first TREP$ Marketplace of the fall happening this Friday night!  We can't wait to see what innovative ideas this batch of young entrepreneurs has dreamed up for us- so much fun!  If you plan to attend, please let us know so we can look for you!

As if that wasn't enough, this weekend we are off to the national forum in Ohio!  We were so very honored to be selected to speak at this extraordinary event
sponsored by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education.  In case some of you can't attend this year, we'll be sure to fill you in on the details next month.

We've also been keeping our eyes open for great things to share with you- like the Rubber Band Contest described below.  If you stumble on something great to share- send it our way so we can pass it along.  It's all about the kids- anything we can do to inspire them and keep their creative juices flowing!

There have been several requests for Banners to hang at the marketplaces.  We are working on a few designs, and should have them available on the site later this winter. 

Thanks for all you do,

Pamela deWaal

Hayley Romano
Upcoming Marketplaces- You're Invited!
Come see the crowd,  hear the buzz,
listen to the sales-pitches, and feel the ENERGY!

November 12, 2010    6:00-8:00 pm
Marshall Hill School
, West Milford, NJ

November 30, 2010    7:00-9:00 pm
Mackay School,
Tenafly, NJ

December 2, 2010    6:30-8:30 pm
Maple Road School, West Milford, NJ

December 3, 2010    6:30-8:30 pm
Ryerson School, Wayne, NJ

December 6, 2010     6:30-8:30 pm
Lounsberry Hollow, Vernon, NJ

December 6, 2010    6:30-8:30 pm
Lafayette Twp School, Lafayette, NJ

 December 8, 2010    6:30-8:30 pm
McKeown School, Hampton, NJ

December 9, 2010    7:00-9:00 pm
Smith School
, Tenafly, NJ

Meet Kyra and Erin, owners of ERA Designs
Cedar Hill School

We're Kyra and Erin, fifth grade students at Cedar Hill Elementary School.  We are the owners of ERA Designs.  It all started with going to after-school TREP$ workshops.  These workshops were really fun and taught us how to be entrepreneurs.  We learned all about owning a business.  It was very exciting. 
We decided our business would be selling tie-dye and splatter painted t-shirts.  We didn't realize how much work this was going to be. First, we tie-dyed all of the t-shirts and had to wait for them to dry. This took so long to do!  Next, we had jerseys with cap sleeves.  We designed these shirts with splatter paint.  This was a lot of fun! After both styles of shirts were completely dry, which took a few days, we then went to our next step. 
We customized a stencil.  We wanted something original that no one else had anywhere.  We came up with the design of a peace sign and inside the peace sign said "Jersey Girl".  We then spray-painted each shirt with this design.  This also took a very long time.  We had to be very careful how we sprayed the stencil.  We did not want it to bleed onto the rest of the shirt.  At first, we practiced on an old sheet.  Then, when we felt comfortable, we started on the shirts.  We messed up a few times until we got it right.  That was upsetting because we had to try and fix our messed up t-shirts. 
We worked very hard on this business and made only a little profit at the TREP$ marketplace.  Our supplies had cost a lot of money so when we paid back our parents for the supplies they bought for us to get started, we had very little profit.  This was a tough lesson.  We sold every t-shirt we made.  Now that we have paid for all of our supplies, we hope to make more of a profit.  We are excited because we have orders for more, and are supplies are paid for!  This just might turn into a profitable business!
We had so much fun with this, and learned so much about what it's like to run a business.  TREP$ was great.  We hope we get to do this again in middle school, because now we'd be even more ready.

Top 3 Things Kids Say About Their Experience
#3.  Family is great; they work cheap.

#2.  It was cool being treated like a business-person.


Fun Contest for Kids

What is the Rubber Band Contest?

Are you ready to stretch your imagination? The Akron Global Polymer Academy of The University of Akron is hosting the third annual Rubber Band Contest for Young Inventors to encourage students in grades 5-8 to demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity by creating an invention that incorporates the use of rubber bands. There will be two separate divisions of competition - Arts & Leisure and Science & Engineering. Four finalists will be brought to Akron, Ohio, where the first place winner and runner-up in each division, will be announced at an Awards Ceremony on May 14, 2011. The first place winner in each division will receive a $1,000 savings bond, while the runner-up in each division will receive a $500 savings bond*, respectively. The top 8 semi-finalists who are not chosen as finalists will each receive a $50 gift card. The top four schools with the most entries will each receive a $250 donation.
February 16, 2011 - Entry Deadline
Click here for more information.
Sponsored by: The University of Akron, The Akron Polymer Training Center and Rubber Division, ACS
Student Ideas for a Better America

Got a great idea?

...Or, a better way to do something?

The National Museum of Education is looking for some creative students (K-12).

Enter any idea for a new way to demonstrate an educational concept, an idea for a new product, or an improvement for an existing product or procedure. Monetary prizes are awarded each month! This is an ongoing contest and there is no deadline!

Click here to see the brochure.
Click here to see past winners.
Young Inventors Honored
National Museum of Education selects five inductees into the National Gallery for America's Young Inventors

AKRON, Ohio, October 8, 2010 - The National Museum of Education is proud to announce five talented young people who have been selected for the Fifteenth Annual
Induction Ceremony for the National Gallery of America's Young Inventors. The National Gallery for America's Young Inventors™ is the only nationally recognized hall of fame for student inventors, established in 1993 and given permission by the adult National Inventors Hall of Fame Board in Washington, D.C. to archive and enshrine great student inventions and inventors K-12. This prestigious black-tie ceremony will be held in Akron, Ohio on Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 12:00 Noon.

"The National Gallery for America's Young Inventors is a museum of young American inventors whose ideas hold promise to a positive impact on our society. Its purpose is to preserve and promote great inventions produced by America's youth," said Nicholas Frankovits, the Museum's Executive Director. The National Gallery inducts up to six young people in grades Kindergarten through Twelve annually.

Click here to read about this years inductees.