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 Lemonade Day
...was a success! The growing program to provide young people with a personal opportunity to make decisions about their own business...a lemonade stand was on display in big ways on May 2. Imagine 100,000 kids on Sunday, May 2, selling their own lemonade recipe in 14 cities in the US as a result of this initiative to provide them with the ideas and motivation. That is a really Big Focus!
Click here to see a mini-documentary on Lemonade Day.
TREP$ Marketplaces 

Come see the crowd, hear the buzz, listen to the sales-pitches, 
 and feel the ENERGY!
Wednesday, May 19th
Euclid School
Habrouck Heights, NJ
Saturday, May 22nd
Cedar Hill School
Towaco, NJ
Wednesday, June 2nd
 Green Hills School
Greendell, NJ
Thursday, June 3rd
 Fredon School
Fredon, NJ
TREP$ Schools
Cedar Hill School
Towaco, NJ
Califon School
Califon, NJ
Oxford Central School
Oxford, NJ
Schuyler Colfax School
Wayne, NJ
Frankford Twp School
Frankford, NJ
Mount Pleasant Middle School
Livingston, NJ
Sussex Avenue School
Morristown, NJ
Clarke County School District
Atlanta, GA
Golden Hill Elementary
Florida, NY
Jawahir Al Riyadh Int'l School
Riyadh, SA
Future Window Int'l School
Riyadh, SA
Al Ghad School
Riyadh, SA
Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, NJ
Edgemont School
Montclair, NJ
Ridgewood Ave School
Glen Ridge, NJ
Richard Butler Middle School
Butler NJ
West Hall Middle School
Oakwood, GA 
Gilmour Academy Lower School
Gates Mills, OH
Kingdom School
Riyadh, SA
Najd School
Riyadh, SA
King Khaled Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA
The Star School,
Flagstaff, Arizona
Lecole Soleil Levant,
New Brunswick, Canada
Mackay Elementary,
Tenafly, NJ
Tumeh Family Home School
Bluff, UT
Cooperstown MS,
Cooperstown, NY
JFK Elementary,
Wayne, NJ
Lounsberry Hollow,
Vernon, NJ
UGL School,
Hewitt, NJ 
Al Yasmin Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
Yara Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA
Cobb Cnty District,
Cobb Cty, GA
New MiddleEast Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
Fredon School,
Fredon, NJ 
Reverend Brown,
Sparta, NJ
White Rock School,
Jefferson, NJ 
Lafayette School,
Lafayette, NJ 
Stillwater School,
Stillwater, NJ 
Marshall Hill,
West Milford, NJ
Green Hills School,
Green, NJ 
Maple Road School,
West Milford, NJ 
Westbrook School,
West Milford, NJ 
Haledon School,
Haledon, NJ
Birchwood School,
West Nyack, NY 
Euclid School,
Hasbrouck Hts, NJ 
Holy Spirit,
Pequannock, NJ 
McKeown School,
Hampton, NJ 
Walter T Bergen MS,
Bloomingdale, NJ 
Paradise Knoll,
Oak Ridge, NJ
May 2010
Dear Friends,
We know how crowded everyone's inboxes are, so thank you for taking the time to open up our monthly newsletter to learn more about what's happening in the world of TREP$.
Things have been very exciting lately. I hope you caught the first airing of Classroom Closeup which featured TREP$ at Walter T Bergen School in Bloomingdale, NJ. We are very flattered to have a television show that is a coproduction of the New Jersey Education Association and the New Jersey Network select our entrepreneurship education program to feature. Check out the future air dates below if you are in the NJ area. Otherwise, we'll let you know when the NJN website will have the episode for view on the site.
There have been so many TREP$ Marketplaces- and you know we attempt to attend every one we possibly can! Such great kids, such great products! You are all doing a fabulous job continuing our work in empowering the children through entrepreneurship.
We're also REALLY excited that we were selected to speak at the Consortium for Entrepreneurship' annual forum in Ohio.  We would LOVE to see some of you win scholarships to attend- so apply!!! (see below)
We are including many stories of YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS this month. Just wait til you read about them. It really is inspirational and gives us a strong sense of relief that the future of our economy will be in their hands.
Thanks for doing what you do,
Pamela deWaal
Hayley Romano
YOU, You really should join us!
Just Think How Great This Really Is!
When we were first considering creating an entrepreneurship program for the kids at our elementary school, we applied for scholarships to attend this Forum, organized by the Consortium for Entrepreneuship Education- on a whim really!  Well obviously, we won one- and attended.  It was really extraordinary.  The workshops, the roundtables, the key speakers were ALL so great- so knowledgeable, thought provoking and inspriational. 
We want you to have that experience too.  This year the Forum will be November 12-16 in Columbus, Ohio.  
Click here to open up the forum page.   You'll need to scroll down to get to the important info (like the scholarships).   We were really excited to be selected as speakers.  We have so much to share based on our experience working with schools and young entrepreneurs around the world, helping them run their TREP$ program and speaking with the 'treps at the marketplaces.
So if you are in the market for some professional development, inspiration and FUN- Please join us!   They seem to be adding more and more speakers to appeal to elementary and middle school teachers as the understanding of how entrepreneurship helps kids learn and practice 21st century skills becomes more widely understood.  The keynote speaker is the founder of Lemonade Day!  How great for us!
The contact person is
Cathy Ashmore if you have any questions.
Classroom Close-Up Logo
NJ Area: Channel 8 NJN on May 24th at 7pm & May 29th at 9am
Real Kids, Real Businesses!
Hello! Our names are Kelly and Rachel. This is our first year as entrepreneurs at the TREP$ Marketplace, we sold Roc"keys". We got the idea for our product after Rachel went to a craft fair and saw a man using rocks as key holders.  We loved the idea and decided to do some research and see if we could do something like that for TREP$. The main point of Roc"keys" is to hide your home key in an unsuspecting but natural environment.
We researched on how much a drill bit would cost..  read more.
My name is Abby.  I'm twelve years old  When I was in 6th grade, I was able to participate in TREP$. At that time, I came up with my company name, AbbyLoo. This was the name my kindergarten teacher used to call me. Last year I made button-bracelets, button earrings and guitar pick earrings. This year, I expanded my line by making guitar pick necklaces with and without peace signs, and different guitar pick earrings with peace signs. Some were black and some had pictures on them. I made more button bracelets and earrings. This year I also designed a logo on a guitar pick with my school name and school mascot, the bobcat.   read more.
My name is Cassie and I am a 6th grader at Lounsberry Hollow Middle School. When my math teacher told us about TREP$, I got very excited! I thought it would be fun and interesting to start my own business. At first I wanted to be a party assistant, helping parents with their children's parties for all occasions. But after speaking to my mother, I realized that having the type of business that brought me into the homes of strangers might not be the safest thing for me.  read more.
My name is Melanie and I'm 11 years old. I am attending Walter T. Bergen School. I am very happy to had been part of this fantastic project called TREP$.  When, I entered TREP$, I realized that every girl that needed a bag, should get one, in particular one that was very nicely decorated.  read more.
My name is Sean and I am a sixth-grader from Marshall Hill Elementary School in New Jersey.   Last year when I participated in TREP$, I sold matching charms for pets and their owners.  It wasn't a big success.  So I didn't want to do that again.  It only took a ride on the NJ Parkway with my mom to decide what my business should be this year... read more.
All These Great Ideas, Great KIDS!
My name is Lauren and I am a twelve year old from Walter T. Bergen Middle School. I was very excited to hear the good comments about Trep$ from the kids who participated last year.  It was interesting how I decided to do the product that I chose. I was eating lunch and I had a bag of chips and some chocolate cookies so I dipped the chip in the chocolate of the cookie...  read more.
My name is Chris and I am a ten year old from JFK Elementary School.  It took me a while to decide what type of business to open.  I originally tried making St. Patrick's Day t-shirts, but when I tried washing one the color and picture faded away, so I had to change my whole business plan. I knew it was not right to sell a faulty product. Then my Dad suggested dried fruit.  First I experimented... read more.
Hello, my name is Caroline and my business is called "Caroline's Collectibles". When I first thought of starting a business, I planned to make & sell chocolate truffles.  Since my business was going to be launched at a TREP$ Marketplace, my dad was concerned.  He said that he thought most of the TREPS vendors would be selling food and if I want to be successful I should consider making a simple craft. Maybe find something on the internet that had instructions.  I realized that he had a point, and started to wonder what craft I could do.  Suddenly it came to me!  Home-made dolls!   read more.
My name is Kelsey. I am twelve years old and I am a 6th grade student at Walter T. Bergen School. I was a new student to the school this year and when I heard about TREP$ I knew it was something I would be interested in. I had one problem though; I wanted to do my first marketplace with a partner. All my friends were either working alone or already had a partner. I then was only left to work on my own and I had no ideas. So I put my brain to work...   read more.