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Welcome to our TREP$ Family
Cedar Hill School
Towaco, NJ
Califon School
Califon, NJ
Oxford Central School
Oxford, NJ
Schyler Colfax School
Wayne, NJ
Frankford Twp School
Frankford, NJ
Mount Pleasant Middle School
Livingston, NJ
Sussex Avenue School
Morristown, NJ
TREP$ Schools 
Cedar Hill School
Towaco, NJ
Califon School
Califon, NJ
Oxford Central School
Oxford, NJ
Schyler Colfax School
Wayne, NJ
Frankford Twp School
Frankford, NJ
Mount Pleasant Middle School
Livingston, NJ
Sussex Avenue School
Morristown, NJ
Clarke County School District
Atlanta, GA
Golden Hill Elementary
Florida, NY
Jawahir Al Riyadh Int'l School
Riyadh, SA
Future Window Int'l School
Riyadh, SA
Al Ghad School
Riyadh, SA
Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, NJ

Edgemont School
Montclair, NJ

Ridgewood Ave School
Glen Ridge, NJ

Richard Butler Middle School
Butler NJ

West Hall Middle School
Oakwood, GA  

Gilmour Academy Lower School
Gates Mills, OH

Kingdom School
Riyadh, SA

Najd School
Riyadh, SA

King Khaled Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA

The Star School,
Flagstaff, Arizona
Lecole Soleil Levant,
New Brunswick, Canada
Mackay Elementary,
Tenafly, NJ
Tumeh Family Home School
Bluff, UT 
Cooperstown MS,
Cooperstown, NY
JFK Elementary,
Wayne, NJ
Lounsberry Hollow,
Vernon, NJ
 UGL School,
Hewitt, NJ 
 Al Yasmin Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
 Yara Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA
 Cobb Cnty District,
Cobb Cty, GA
 New MiddleEast Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
Fredon School,
Fredon, NJ 
 Reverend Brown,
Sparta, NJ
 White Rock School,
Jefferson, NJ 
 Lafayette School,
Lafayette, NJ 
 Stillwater School,
Stillwater, NJ 
 Marshall Hill,
West Milford, NJ 
Green Hills School,
Green, NJ 
 Maple Road School,
West Milford, NJ 
 Westbrook School,
West Milford, NJ 
 Haledon School,
Haledon, NJ 
Birchwood School,
West Nyack, NY 
Euclid School,
Hasbrouck Hts, NJ 
Holy Spirit,
Pequannock, NJ 
McKeown School,
Hampton, NJ 
Walter T Bergen MS,
Bloomingdale, NJ 
Paradise Knoll,
Oak Ridge, NJ
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TREP$ is an after-school program that teaches kids in grades 4-8 everything they need to know to start their own businesses. 
The culminating activity is the TREP$ Marketplace during which these young entrepreneurs get the chance to launch their businesses, selling real products to real customers for real money.

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TREP$ Filmed for Classroom Closeup
March 2010
Dear Friends, 
classroom close up logo
Entrepreneurship education is getting some well-deserved attention! 
Walter T. Bergen Middle School in Bloomingdale, NJ was selected to be featured in an upcoming episode of "Classroom Close-Up" based on the merit of the educational experience of TREP$.  Classroom Close-up, NJ is a magazine program focusing on innovative education in New Jersey's public schools. This 30-minute weekly series features the students, teachers, and communities who create and participate in successful school projects and events. It is a co-production of the New Jersey Education Association and NJN Public Television.
The film crew was at the school on Tuesday, February 23rd, taping their first workshop as well as interviewing teachers and the children who did the program last year.  The air date is set for May, more details in the next newsletter.  Those outside the state of NJ will be able to view the episode online through the website.
This Friday, March 5th, our pilot school, Paradise Knoll, will host its 5th annual TREP$ Marketplace with guests coming from far and wide to learn about the program! We hope you can make the trip to visit us at Paradise Knoll School and see first-hand why we are so inspired to spread this empowering experience to more children.  Let us know if you plan to attend and we'll prepare a gift bag for you!
Warmest Regards,
Pamela deWaal, email
Hayley Romano, email
TREP$ Give-Away Winners Announced
With the close of National Entrepreneurship Week, we happily announce the winners of our random drawing for FREE TREP$ Start-Up Kits to schools in our home state of New Jersey. Congratulations to our big winners:  
Califon School in Hunterdon County
Oxford Central School in Warren County
Schuyler Colfax School,Wayne in Passaic County
Frankford Township School in Sussex County
Mt. Pleasant Middle School, Livingston in Essex County
Sussex Avenue School, Morristown in Morris County
TREP$ Marketplaces
Come see the crowd, hear the buzz, listen to the sales-pitches,
 and feel the ENERGY!
Thursday, March 4th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm 
 Prince Salman Science Oasis (PSSO)
 Riyadh, SA
Friday, March 5th,  6:30pm-8:30pm
Paradise Knoll School
Oak Ridge, NJ
Friday, March 12th
,  6:30pm-8:30pm
John F Kennedy School
Wayne, NJ

Thursday, March 25th, 6:30-8:30pm
Richard Butler Middle School
Butler, NJ
Thursday, April 23th,
Westbrook School
Werst Milford, NJ
Friday, April 16th,
Walter T Bergen School
Bloomingdale, NJ
Three successful TREP$ featured in Future CEO Stars Magazine! 

  The great press continues!!

Click here to read about Anna, Kate and Carson, all middle school students who live in Cooperstown, NY and have interesting stories to tell.

Meet Jacob, Owner of Baggums
My name is Jacob Russell and my company for TREP$ is Baggums.  Baggums is a company that I created that produces bags made of old clothes.  I first came up with this idea from my mom.  When I was little for my birthday parties she would make the goodie bags.  They were little back pack sort of things.  When I was brainstorming for TREP$ that came to mind. 
Since everyone is all about re-using I decided I would use old clothes.  Everyone has different styles and personalities, so I made beach bags, purses, and back packs. 
I always loved animals.  I have some dogs and I am very sympathetic to animals getting beaten, left to die and having no home.  I decided that I would donate all of my  money to the S.S.P.C.A (Susquehanna SPCA).  This is for a cause so I also decided if the costumers didn't like the bags they can also make donations.  The best part of the whole thing was when I donated my money.  I made about $200 dollars and when I gave them the money at that particular moment, toys didn't matter- neither did electronics.  I am extremely happy that I did that and I will never regret it. 
I hope that I will be able to continue with the business.  By the summer when they need bags for the beach and other summer activities I will hopefully start taking orders from people that I know and at my beach. 
The most challenging part is finding time to make the bags.  I also have National History Day and am on a hockey league, so I had to budget my time carefully. 
At the Marketplace, when people first came up they either said, "Wow you made these!," or "That is very kind of you for donating all of your money to charity."  I felt happy that they said that because it gave me a good reputation and they probably thought that it is good that I am using "around the house" resources/ not throwing away clothes.  I also wanted to look happy for them because I wanted to look presentable.  I think that people are very impressed that I could have that much creativity and sewing abilities.  They may have felt good that kids now-a-days are using creativity and using what they have instead of buying what they need.  Overall this was a fantastic experience and I hope to keep on doing it!
We are very excited to launch our new "TREP$ Gear" store.  New products will be added daily, so check back often.  There are some really unique gift ideas for young entrepreneurs.  Have something in mind? email your ideas to Thanks!
Kids Who Care Deadline Approaching
The Kohl's Kids Who CareĀ® Scholarship Program recognizes and rewards young volunteers (ages 6-18) who help make their communities a better place to live.
The young volunteer's actions must be described in detail and should document efforts that are above and beyond what is normally expected of a child his or her age.  Volunteer efforts should have made a positive impact on others and occurred in the last 12 months.  The activity cannot be performed solely to benefit a family member.  Winners are chosen based on the project, benefits and outcomes.  Applicants must not have graduated from high school as of March 15, 2010.

Winners / Awards
Nominees will be divided into two groups (ages 6-12 and 13-18). Awards will be given on three levels.
Store Winners More than 2,100 store winners will be awarded a $50 Kohl's Gift Card.
Regional Winners More than 200 regional winners will be awarded $1,000 scholarships toward their post-secondary education.
National Winners Ten national winners will be awarded $9,000 scholarships for a total of $10,000 in scholarships, and Kohl's will donate $1,000 to a nonprofit organization on each winner's behalf.

BKFK Grow Your Business Challenge
If you've got a business idea, let BKFK help you grow that idea into a real business - with a $500 U.S. Savings Bond in your pocket and advice from successful entrepreneurs and inventors. Enter your product or service ideas to the Grow Your Business Challenge! Download fact sheet. Deadline: March 12, 2010, 3.00 pm (ET)
What is Grow Your Business Challenge?
We are challenging kids to come up with new ideas for businesses that they would like to launch. Entries can include but are not limited to: product based or service based businesses in virtually any industry they choose. It must be a new original idea for a business that does not currently exist.
Road Trip:  Cooperstown, NY
Cooperstown's TREP$ Committee was clearly doing a great job.  We'd been getting email links to press they had gotten; the mayor had agreed to officiate their ribbon cutting ceremony; they had many local business helping financially, and on a volunteer level... It was inspirational!  So we decided to join the fun, take the four hour drive north, and surprise them for their first TREP$ Marketplace.  IT WAS SO WORTH THE TRIP!  Their TREP$ Marketplace was an official stop in the Cooperstown Winter Carnival- and the community really supported, and LOVED it!  The kids had created such wonderful businesses with innovative products that amazed the crowd!  Many have sent in their stories which I will share with you a few at a time.
Thanks go out to TREP$ Committee members at all of our schools- for doing your part in bringing this valuable opportunity to the children of your community. Without a doubt this is something they will always remember, and will impact their lives in a meaningful way.
Would the children at your school benefit from TREP$?
Click here to request a presentation at your school!