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"We saw our students in a whole new way.  We have students who do not perform as well as others in academics.  With TREP$, the teachers got to see them do very well selling their products.  Also, the kids who are shy in school were quite animated and outgoing!" 
--Lisa Conry and Lorraine Bickhardt, Workshop Facilitators

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Welcome to our TREP$ Family
Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, NJ

Edgemont School
Montclair, NJ

Ridgewood Avenue School
Glen Ridge, NJ

Richard Butler Middle School
Butler NJ

West Hall Middle School
Oakwood, GA  

Gilmour Academy Lower School
Gates Mills, OH

Kingdom School
Riyadh, SA

Najd School
Riyadh, SA

King Khaled Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA
TREP$ Schools 
Wilson School
Mountain Lakes, NJ

Edgemont School
Montclair, NJ

Ridgewood Ave School
Glen Ridge, NJ

Richard Butler Middle School
Butler NJ

West Hall Middle School
Oakwood, GA  

Gilmour Academy Lower School
Gates Mills, OH

Kingdom School
Riyadh, SA

Najd School
Riyadh, SA

King Khaled Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA

The Star School,
Flagstaff, Arizona
Lecole Soleil Levant,
New Brunswick, Canada
Mackay Elementary,
Tenafly, NJ
Tumeh Family Home School
Bluff, UT 
Cooperstown MS,
Cooperstown, NY
JFK Elementary,
Wayne, NJ
Lounsberry Hollow,
Vernon, NJ
 UGL School,
Hewitt, NJ 
 Al Yasmin Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
 Yara Int'l School,
Riyadh, SA
 Cobb Cnty District,
Cobb Cty, GA
 New MiddleEast Int'l,
Riyadh, SA 
Fredon School,
Fredon, NJ 
 Reverend Brown,
Sparta, NJ
 White Rock School,
Jefferson, NJ 
 Lafayette School,
Lafayette, NJ 
 Stillwater School,
Stillwater, NJ 
 Marshall Hill,
West Milford, NJ 
Green Hills School,
Green, NJ 
 Maple Road School,
West Milford, NJ 
 Westbrook School,
West Milford, NJ 
 Haledon School,
Haledon, NJ 
Birchwood School,
West Nyack, NY 
Euclid School,
Hasbrouck Hts, NJ 
Holy Spirit,
Pequannock, NJ 
McKeown School,
Hampton, NJ 
Walter T Bergen MS,
Bloomingdale, NJ 
Paradise Knoll,
Oak Ridge, NJ
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Empowering Thousands of Kids in 2010
Dear Friends, 
Looking at our year-end numbers, we were very happy to think about how many children's lives were enriched with this empowering experience.  With your help we hope to continue to grow at this rate, adding new schools every month, reaching more kids, and really making a difference.

On a personal note, as part of our commitment to nurture young entrepreneurs first-hand, we continue to volunteer at Paradise Knoll School, where TREP$ was initially piloted in 2006. 

If you would like to see some great kids doing great things, attend our Marketplace on March 5th, or one of the other upcoming TREP$ Marketplaces listed below.  We even included links with directions! 

This will be our 5th annual TREP$ Marketplace at Paradise Knoll School, so we have a pretty well-oiled machine.  The mayor usually comes to do our official ribbon-cutting, which always gets covered by the press. The principal and most of the teachers attend to show their support for the young entrepreneurs.  The "cafegymnatorium" aka "all-purpose room" is a busy place with about 75 children participating.  It's quite a sight.

Let us know if you plan to attend and we'll prepare a gift bag for you!
Warmest Regards,
Pamela deWaal, email
Hayley Romano, email
TREP$ Marketplaces
ribbon cutting
Come see the crowd,hear the buzz,
listen to the sales-pitches, and feel the ENERGY!
Thursday,  February 4th, 6:30pm-8pm
Ridgewood Ave  School
Glen Ridge, NJ

Saturday, February 6th,
10 am - Noon
Cooperstown School
Cooperstown, NJ
Friday, March 5th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Paradise Knoll School

Oak Ridge, NJ
Friday, March 12th
, 6:30pm-8:30pm
JFK School
Wayne, NJ
Our own Max Featured in Future CEO Stars Magazine
Max confetti eggs

Max, who participated in TREP$ at his school, and created a business selling "confetti eggs" is in this month's issue of Future CEO Stars!

Click here then go to "click here to read latest issue"- His photo is even on the table of contents.

Calling all New Jersey teachers, administrators, and parents!
In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, February 20-27, 2010, we are giving away 21 TREP$ Startup Kits by random drawing.  One school in each of New Jersey's 21 counties will win!  The deadline for entry has been extended to January 30th, 2010, so
 click here for the entry form! 
So, what if you are planning to buy a kit this winter, but now see this offer?  We promise, if you buy the kit, and then enter and win during the random drawing in February, we'll refund your money!  It's a win-win!
Child Entrepreneur Gives Back for the Holidays
Pencil Bugs

In the home of eighth-grader Jason O'Neill, teddy bears are everywhere. They're white, black or brown. Some have bow ties and some have ribbons. They sit on chairs, tables, counter tops and the floor.

Thanks to O'Neill, a young entrepreneur who started his own company at age 9, they're all going to sick children for Christmas.

"At Christmas I wanted to do something special, so I started a fundraiser this year to raise money for buying a bunch of bears," O'Neill said.

All of the bears will be given to children at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego.

O'Neill has been giving money to charity since he started "Pencil Bugs" four years ago. The company's main product is pencils with hand-painted Styrofoam toppers designed to look like bugs. He's sold hundreds of them in the last four years - and he's also expanded his product line. His products now include Pencil Bugs T-shirts and greeting cards, and he's working on a Pencil Bugs board game.

"In the beginning of my business, I knew that I was very fortunate being a kid and being able to do all of this, so I wanted to help other kids in some way," said O'Neill.

Click here to visit the Pencil Bugs Website.

Click here to read more of this article.

Hot Shot Business
Online Entrepreneurship Game for Kids
Disney Game
How about becoming Opp City's newest entrepreneur?  Here's an educational internet game for kids... It's pretty neat- I played it myself.  It was surprising how many different aspects of business were covered.   Check it out!

Click here to visit Disney's Hot Shot Business.
Do YOU "think outside the bubble?"

Sealed Air Corporation, the creator of Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, is asking students in grades five through eight to "think outside the bubble" for their chance to win a $10,000 U.S. savings bond in the fourth annual Bubble Wrap ® Competition for Young Inventors.
Original inventions must incorporate the use of clear Bubble Wrap® cushioning, and entries must include a visual and written description that explains the name of the invention, the purpose it serves, how it works and how the idea was formulated.

Three finalists will win a three-day trip to New York City, where the Grand Prize Winner will be announced during the Bubble Wrap® Awards weekend, May 21-24, 2010.
  • Grand Prize Winner $10,000 savings bond
  • 2nd Place $5,000 savings bond
  • 3rd Place $5,000 savings bond
The school of the Grand Prize Winner will receive a $5,000 donation. The teacher/mentor of each finalist will receive a $500 gift card.

Deadline for all entries is Wednesday, March 3, 2010
The Bubble Wrap® Competition for Young Inventors is sponsored by Sealed Air Corporation and administered by the National Museum of Education.  For additional information on the competition, educators, parents and students can click here
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Click here to read past issues of our TREP$ Newsletters! 
TREP$ is an after-school program that teaches kids in grades 4-8 everything they need to know to start their own businesses.  The culminating activity is the TREP$ Marketplace during which these young entrepreneurs get the chance to launch their businesses, selling real products to real customers for real money.

Would the children at your school benefit from TREP$?
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