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Motivated Kids Have Bright Futures
Dear friends, 

We have been flooded with email lately and we are really enjoying reading the stories of these young children who are starting businesses and learning about themselves and the world around them as they do.  You will be enjoying photos sent in from Westbrook School TREP$ in the November Newsletter.  I'd love to include yours; send them in!
It's great that so many are now using "entrepreneurship education" to teach children a multitude of skills.  We love hearing that our after-school curriculum and program was helpful in bringing this opportunity to the children.  Your feedback has been so great, and the referrals are very appreciated.  TREP$ continues to grow thanks to you! 
It's time for us to do a little giving too!  Check out how TREP$ will be celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week by giving back to the state that helped us get started.
Click Here to tell me your story! 
Enter to Win a Free TREP$ Start-Up Kit
Calling all New Jersey teachers, administrators, and parents! In celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week, February 20-27, 2010, we are giving away 21 TREP$ Startup Kits by random drawing.  One school in each of New Jersey's 21 counties will win!  The deadline for entry is December 31, 2009, so click here now to request details on eligibility and entry procedures. 
So, what if you are planning to buy a kit this fall, but now see this offer?  We promise, if you buy the kit, and then enter and win during the random drawing in February, we'll refund your money!  It's a win-win!
TREP$ Student recognized as a "STAR"
CEO Stars MagazineCheck out the latest issue of Future CEO Stars Magazine!  Hannacy Gurbisz is featured on page 21, telling the story of her entrepreneurial experience in TREP$ at her school.
Click here to read the article!
 Looking for New Ideas?
NJEAFor those in New Jersey...
Want a chance to network with NJEA members from all over the state? Searching for new classroom materials or information about school programs? Then the 2009 NJEA Convention is the place for you!   November 5-7, 2009
Be sure to look for Hayley and Pamela in the exhibit hall!  Visit us at the TREP$ booth #2307 and we'll have a special gift for you!
Click Here to view the Convention Program and here to see the floorplan.
Confetti Egg Anyone?
Confetti Eggs- Max
There really is something terribly satisfying about cracking an egg on someone's head, especially for an eleven year old boy!
My name is Max, and breaking confetti eggs is one of my favorite things to do. When the TREP$ workshops began, I quickly settled on a confetti egg business.
Confetti eggs are a Mexican tradition, filled with paper
confetti (that can be messy), but it was my idea to fill it with birdseed mixed with a little foil confetti, so the birds can eat up the remains, and certain birds like to collect sparkly foil in their nests. I came up with a plan for packaging and marketing them as party favors, for holidays (or in school colors for after-game celebrations and pep rallies). The eggs are decorated with food dye, so it is safe for the environment.
At first I tried to decorate the eggs with egg tempura made from the yolks, but that made the eggs too slick to grip. We didn't want to just throw out the insides, so we used them to make quiches, which we donated for a teacher appreciation day luncheon.
I sold about 200 confetti eggs in one night!
The biggest lesson I learned was patience! At first it was fun, but after about ninety eggs, the work got a bit boring! I'm really proud that I did it anyway.  Some days, I would go to school with my fingers dyed all different colors and people would ask: "Have you been eating cheetos?" I used it as an opportunity to talk up my product! 
I'm really happy I got to be part of TREP$!
"The Richest Kids in America"
Mark Victor Hansen (creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series), has authored the very motivational book entitled, "The Richest Kids in America" in which he shares details about young entrepreneurs who have made it big.  The idea being that a child or teen who starts their own business can affect the state of the economy, positively.
I stumbled upon a video interview of Kathy Lee Griffin and Hoda Holb interviewing Mark Victor Hansen and three young people who are successful entrepreneurs.  These "kids" are now in their 20s, but started their businesses as teenagers.  One of them, Ephram Taylor, was also in the Forbes article we linked you to in August.
Click here to view the video.
Dear TREP$,
My son, Cody, participated in TREP$ as fifth grader last year. He was so excited and actually sold almost every single one of his lollipops, which took him many, many hours to make.  The expression on his face was worth a million dollars.  He did this, mostly on his own. He didn't make that much profit but it made him start thinking about this year...
This year would be even better! He started in August planning for the December TREP$ Marketplace!  He is so excited about this year's much more thought out product, which I can not tell anyone about!  He is making all of the products himself, and has put so much more time and effort into it than last year. 
The enthusiasm and the way he has grown in the past year is remarkable.  I am so very proud of him. He has learned so much more about responsibility and accountability; it is just incredible. He actually may be starting his own web site in a few months, selling his product on line.
I just want to take the time to thank you and everyone else who is involved with this wonderful, creative, well thought out teaching tool for our children.  Who knows, maybe they all will become professional business entrepreneurs and help support us and make the world a better place with a much needed positive attitude.  Life today is way too short not to have a wonderful experience like we have shared with the TREP$ program.  
Sincerely Yours,
Ginny Masters
Big Fan of the TREP$ program?  We have FIVE 8"x11" Fabulous Magnetic Car Signs (like bumper stickers) to give away!  They read, "TREP$ - empowering kids through entrepreneurship." Be one of the first FIVE to request one, and we'll send it to you for free!