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The Entrepreneurial Mindset
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TREP$ Cover-story  "Education Update", an ASCD publication 
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      TREP$ is very honored to have been interviewed for the article "Educating Emerging Entrepreneurs, Teaching Entrepreneurship Early" in the June 2009 issue of Education Update magazine.  The article, written by Jennifer Henderson, underscores the value of teaching entrepreneurship to children as a means of helping those children develop an entreprenerial mindset.  
      TREP$ Co-Founder Hayley Romano sums it up well in the last few lines...  "Entrepreneurship education is important because even if a child doesn't go into small business ownership, that skill set and mind-set is what employers in this global economy are looking for-the ability to be innovative and adaptable and productive, to solve problems, and collaborate," says Romano. "As an entrepreneur, you do all those things. If you have the opportunity to acquire those skills, you're going to be more valuable in the workplace."
     Education Update Magaizine is a publication of ASCD, the Association for School Curriculum and Development.  
 What is an Entrepreneurial Mindset?
An entrepreneurial "mindset" is different than an entrepreneurial "skillset."  Children can build an entrepreneurial mindset slowly, by experience. 

A person with an entrepreneurial mindset:
      Believes in the idea of individual freedom.
      Believes that the world is shaped by one's actions.
      Is willing to choose and carve one's own path.
      Is able and willing to be different, creative.
      Possesses a sense of self worth.
      Is in tune with one's environment.
      Is able to identify and evaluate opportunities.
      Is able to pratically implement a project.
A classic example of a person who has an entrepreneurial mindset is Steve Jobs.  It's not just his success in starting Apple, but the way he reacts to adversity.  Check out the Commencement Address he gave at Stanford in 2005.
What more could we want for our children than an entrepreneurial mindset?
How can we help children develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset?
     This generation of children are growing up very differently than previous generations.  Their days are more scheduled, and free time rare.  They have homework, lessons, practices, games, and playdates.  They are largely supervised and have limited idle time.  When they find some, they are often pulled into some form of technology... the ipod, cellphone or video game worlds.
      It is very important that we offer children experiences during which they develop an awareness of their strengths, weaknesses and interests.   They need to get a sense of how they can contribute to the world.  They need to trust that their ideas are valid and worthy of pursuit.  Entrepreneurship education accomplishes these important goals.
    By taking their ideas and seeing them through until real businesses are created, children develop their entrepreneurial mindset, as well as gain vital social skills, life skills, and get a real boost to their self esteem!
Meet Brian, owner of Hound Helpers 
Hound Helpers 
This past February, when my mom was home recuperating from surgery, she really needed my help.  She wasn't able to walk our dog Sasha or take care of her like she usually did.  So I helped out by being more involved with feeding, walking, brushing and keeping her clean. 
Then I participated in TREP$ at my school and learned how to take my interest in animal care and turn it into a real business.   
My name is Brian, and I am a professional dog walker, and owner of Hound Helpers, offering pet care services to the public. 
As it says in the brochure, "Hound helpers offers customized at-home care for your dog or other family pets.  Taking a day-trip, recouperating from an illness or just running out of time?  Let Hound Helpers take care of your "best friend."  You decide when, how often, and what kind of service we can help with."
I feel really good about my business and how it helps people, and their pets.

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