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Valley Road School
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Yara International School
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Al Yasmin International School
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TREP$, empowering kids through entrepreneurship May 2009
Dear friends,

We read this quote and could not believe how applicable it was to the experience kids have in the TREP$ program.  "Children must survey the world around them and determine where and how they can make their own contribution.  They must get to know themselves well enough to see how their own talents and interests match some niche that the world has to offer." --Dr. William Damon  
This newsletter includes research findings by Dr. William Damon, Director of the Stanford Center on Adolescence, that help us see how many of the kids don't fall into the "purposeful" category- how many we are 'at risk' of losing. 
Entrepreneurship promises to be the hook we need to catch these kids and give them a sense of who they are, how they fit in, and what they have to offer.
Pamela deWaal           Hayley Romano            Tracey deWaal
Meet Liana 
Liana, owner of LianafiedOwner of "Lianafied"
My name is Liana and my business is called Lianafied. I love to take ordinary objects and hand paint them to create something new and eccentric.
When I decided to do TREP$ it was obvious that painting was my only option.  I bought frames, magnets, t'shirts, boxes and bags.  I also advertised my Green jeans ( I paint pictures on people's old pants to make them new again.)  I painted for days.  I put a lot of time into each thing I made. 
My favorite parts were creating everything and working at the Marketplace.  It was hard to part with stuff that I had worked on for days but it was rewarding to see people's reactions.  I did really well.  I almost sold-out and I received many orders for shirts and jeans.
If I was able to do the Market Place again, I would have spent less money on the stuff to paint or maybe raise my prices a little. I'm hoping to continue the business. It's really neat to see people wear the stuff that you've made.  I am glad to have had this program in our school!
Reaching the Dabblers, the Dreamers, and the Disengaged
Hannacy with her button bookmarks 
Exactly when do we develop a sense of purpose?  The book "The Path to Purpose," written by Dr. William Damon was built on research that used survey analysis to determine how many U.S. youths have a sense of purpose that motivates them in setting and pursuing future goals.  
In his research for the book, Damon discovered that...
  • 20 percent of American youths are those that are "purposeful" - by his definition, they have found a sense of purpose which might include pursuing a career, starting a business, finding deep meaning through religious faith, or the goal of raising a family. 
  • 30 percent were so-called "Dabblers" - those that had tried a number of endeavors and were exploring options, but had not identified something that gave them a sense of purpose. 
  • 25 percent were the "Dreamers" - those youths that have high aspirations, but really have not linked those aspirations to a sense of purpose or practical action. 
  • 25 percent who are the "Disengaged" - those who do not have a sense of purpose and really don't seem to care about finding one. (They exhibit a "I don't know and I don't care!" attitude)
Interestingly, Damon and his researchers discovered a good number of youths that answered the survey in way to suggest they were among the "disengaged" were also enrolled in college and even getting relatively decent grades.  This suggests that simply going through the motions and following the prescribed path to success doesn't mean that one is on the "path to purpose."
One of the key findings pulled from the book is that young people should be helped to develop a sense of self and their purpose in life BEFORE we urge them to decide what "to do" career-wise. Of course, there's no magical sequence for how this personal path unfolds, but individuals need to first develop a sense of purpose and a commitment to making a contribution with their life.  As this sense of purpose is established, each person is in a better place to evaluate how their unique talents, interests, and life experiences intersect so that they can make a specific contribution to the world. 
May Marketplaces!

Come See for Yourself! 2009 Paradise Knoll TREP$ Marketplace

May 15, 2009
Haledon Public School
Haledon, NJ
May 19, 2009
Lafayette Twp School
Lafayette, NJ
May 27, 2009
Euclid School
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
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