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March 2009
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When budgets are tight, programs that benefit ALL the kids are the way to go!! 
successful entrepreneurSmall business ownership is not easy for anyone.  Every child who embarks on this journey is in for a challenge!  This includes the gifted child, the achieving child, and the struggling child.  Being able to target these different segments with one program is a smart cost-saving technique- and a "win-win" for all.
All children need to acquire the skills that employers value.  According to the 2006 Study: "Are They Really Ready to Work?" (read study) these skills include the ability to:
  • innovate and adapt,
  • communicate and collaborate,
  • think critically and make decisions,
  • use technology,
  • self initiate,
  • be responsible, accountable and professional. 

Creative projects that speak to a child's personal interests are most likely to produce the greatest improvement in such skills.  Since each child is solely responsible for making the decisions as to what to sell, how it should be produced, packaged, priced, and marketed, small business ownership interests and empowers children while giving them the skills their future employers will value.

This is different than other school projects offered to children.  Since business calls on different skills than the classroom, children who struggle in the classroom, can and do excel in the business arena.  
Upcoming TREP$ Marketplaces!
2009 Paradise Knoll TREP$ Marketplace
April 3, 2009
Walter T Bergen School
Bloomingdale, NJ
April 3, 2009
Marshall Hill School
West Milford, NJ
April 8, 2009: Stillwater School, Stillwater, NJ
April 23, 2009:  Westbrook School, West Milford, NJ
May 2009:  Haledon Public School, Haledon, NJ
May 19, 2009: Lafayette Twp School, Lafayette, NJ
May 27, 2009: Euclid School, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
animoto logoFree, Fast and Fun! 
"Animoto is one of the marvels of Web 2.0. It is a wonderful initiative and a true benefit to teachers and students."
Lance Rougeux, Director of Discovery Educator Network
Animoto is a free website in which anyone can go and effortlessly create wonderful slideshows.  You simply upload your photos, add music from their collection or yours and they do the rest! 
So, start snapping photos at your workshops and marketplaces and create slideshows that your entire schools will love!
Research Shows... 
doing business
According to Elena Silva, a senior policy analyst at the Education Sector in Washington, "What's important is the evolving research on how people learn. Teachers were long taught to cover content first and wait for children to get older before having them apply it," she says, but now research shows that "people learn best by learning content at the same time they are acquiring [and applying] new skills." 
We at TREP$ would like to thank you for your referrals and recommendations.  TREP$ is spreading because of YOU... and that means more kids are having the opportunity to learn and grow through this unique experience, creating memories of a lifetime. 
Thank you!

How can you Make iT HApPeN at your school?

Go with who you know!
Tell your principal that you think TREP$ would be a great addition to your school's offerings. Let us know to call your school and make an appointment to tell him/her all about the benefits of TREP$ and its ease of implementation! 
Tell your parent association- that you would like them to learn more about TREP$.  Let us know, and we will contact your president to schedule a short presentation at one of the monthly meetings.
We are currently booking presentations for spring parent association meetings.