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What's All This Talk About 21st Century Skills? December 2008
This Month's Question:  
What's all this talk about 21st century skills, and what does it have to do with TREP$?
In the state of NJ, where TREP$ originated, the state education association holds it's annual convention every November.  If you look at the program from the convention, one of the major themes running through the different lectures and workshops was "21st Century Skills."  So what are these new skills and why do children need to learn them?
From the site: 
"Our ability to compete as a nation -- and for states, regions and communities to attract growth industries and create jobs -- demands a fresh approach to public education. We need to recognize that a 21st century education is the bedrock of competitiveness -- the engine, not simply an input, of the economy."
All Americans, not just an elite few, need 21st century skills that will increase their marketability, employability and readiness for citizenship, such as:
  • Thinking critically and making judgments
  • Solving complex, multidisciplinary, open-ended problems
  • Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Communicating and collaborating with teams
  • Making innovative use of knowledge, information and opportunities to create new services, processes and products. 
 For those of you who already offer the program, doesn't that list describe TREP$?
To learn more about 21st century skills, click here to be linked to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website.

TREP$ Schools in the NEWS!

The "Star Ledger" Newspaper, with circulation of about 350,000, is talking up the learning potential of the award-winning program TREP$!

With the TREP$ program in place, your school will have something to publicize that the newspapers will want to write about and the readers will enjoy!

Ribbon Cutting
The best way to see what this program is all about, is to attend a Marketplace and watch the young entrepreneurs in action!!!   Just wait till you feel the energy of the room!
Join us at
Paradise Knoll School
Oak Ridge, New Jersey
February 27th  6:30-8:30 pm  
 As Marketplace dates are set, be sure to submit your information so that we can share it with our growing TREP$ family.  It is a great opportunity for those considering the program to see it in action.  

Excitement in Austin, Texas!

Hayley Romano and Pamela deWaal were proud to speak at the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education National Forum in Austin, Texas this month, which attracts about 400 entrepreneurship educators from around the country. 
Being selected to share how quickly TREP$ is growing and how it is impacting entrepreneurship education at the elementary and middle school levels was an honor.  The speakers enjoyed  sharing the success stories of the young entrepreneurs who have been taught through TREP$.

Maple Road School of West Milford, NJ held their first TREP$ Marketplace on Friday, December 5, 2008.  The energy in the room was fantastic!  This was their first year and they are off to a great start!
McKeown School of Hampton, NJ held their TREP$ Marketplace on Tuesday, December 2, 2008.  The Marketplace was a great success with well prepared young entrepreneurs who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the experience.
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-Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times columnist
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