Small Business Development Center
Monthly Update
July 2012
The SOU Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides in-depth, confidential, one-on-one guidance to businesses and prospective entrepreneurs at no fee. We can help you gather information, evaluate, plan, and create systems for your business that lead to greater profit, job creation, and job retention.
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July SBDC Workshops

Smart Start

July 12, 6:00-9:00 PM  
July 26, 9:00-12:00 PM 


Get the important information you need to know before you start your business in southern Oregon. This 3-hour workshop provides the "nuts and bolts" and more to help you succeed.     


Small Business Networking Opportunities

Ashland Chamber Greeters Meetings
Every Friday,
8:15-9:30 am

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Medford Chamber Greeters Meetings
Every Thursday,
8:00-9:00 am
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Phoenix Chamber
Greeters Meetings
First Tuesday,
8:30-9:30 am

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Talent Chamber
Greeters Meetings

Third Wednesday,
8:30-9:30 am

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Heart of Medford Association
First Wednesday,
8:00-9:00 am

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Jefferson Grapevine
5:00-7:30 pm

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'My Dashboard'
Have you accessed your dashboard yet on If not, click here for a handout to learn how. 
Gain access to a variety of resources (including those from other centers), recommended documents from your advisor, and access LivePlan Business Plan Software at no cost (Note: Advisor must sign you up first to receive the software at no cost). 

Two, frequently asked questions... 

Very often, we are asked: 1) How is it that the SBDC can provide many of its services at no-fee? and, 2) What has the SBDC accomplished?    

The answer to question #1 is that the SBDC is publicly funded through federal, state, and local funding. More specifically, SBDC services are provided
through the School of Business at Southern Oregon University. When the national SBDC system was created back in the 60's, the objective was to "marry" the resources of the federal government with state and local resources, particularly universities and community colleges. As to why the university would provide that service, the answer is simply that the university has a vested interest in the growth of the local business community.

Question #2 is a follow-on to the answer above. Since we are publicly funded, we are accountable to you in terms of what we have accomplished. There are several key performance indicators that we track, including; job creation, business starts, and capital infusion (loan package assistance). We are delighted to report that in the past fiscal year we have met or exceeded our goals! So, how does that work?

We ask for, and rely on feedback from our clients to let us know if there have been any significant changes to their business, AND, if the SBDC provided assistance toward making those changes. Based on what our clients have told us from July 2011 through June 2012, here are the results:
  • Jobs Created = 45
  • Business Starts = 14
  • Capital Infusion = $2.3 million

Special thanks to our staff and business counselors for a job well done; Fred Arnett, Rob Cain, Russ Kennedy, Brigitte Nickel, and Ruthie Painter. Great year, everyone!


Have a great summer! 


Oregon SBDC Network Programs:

Capital Access Team (CAT) 
The Capital Access Team (CAT) is led by highly qualified SBDC advisors who engage clients via face-to-face and distance counseling (i.e., Skype, telephone, videoconferencing and e-mail). The CAT also coordinates "R U Bankable" symposia events in select communities to provide forums for learning about access to capital.
The CAT works with clients that are referred to them by local SBDC Centers and lead Business Advisors.

In order to ready for a referral to the CAT, clients must pre-qualify by meeting these basic requirements

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GROW Oregon
Thinking about growth? Wondering what it will take to stay profitable now and in the years ahead?  GROW Oregon's highly experienced advisors have been there themselves, and have the wisdom to help your business thrive!

GROW Oregon provides the following specialized services to qualified companies:
  • Strategic needs assessment
  • Advanced market research and analysis  
  • Digital media assistance
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) guide
  • CEO networking/mentoring
  • Business planing
  • Financial analysis 
  • Debt and equity financing assistance
  • Export assistance  

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Veterans Small Business Management

The Veterans' Small Business Management Program  is an exceptional opportunity for returning veteran business owners whose businesses have been impacted by their deployment.  This program will allow each entrepreneur to work 'on' as well as 'in' his/her business in order to achieve business, family and personal goals. 

The program is designed and proven to improve small business owners' management and leadership skills resulting in greater success and profitability. 

Preference is given to recently deployed veterans whose businesses have been impacted by their deployment, but enrollment is open to all veterans.  


Nine class sessions with instructor and peers and personalized advising sessions are similar to the proven and successful Small Business Management Program model.

Class Topics Include:
  • Leadership Skills
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Systems and Standards
  • Marketing
  • Profit Building Techniques
  • Operational Management (including HR)  
  • Finance
  • and more 
Visit or call 541-552-8300 for more information.

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Medford Chamber Forum Luncheon:
The State of the County Address
July 9, 2012
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

The Medford Chamber of Commerce presents "Impacts to Jackson County Services: Tough Times All Around" at the Rogue Valley Country Club on July 9, 2012.  Danny Jordan, Jackson County Administrator, will give an overview of the business and economic climate of our community during this 2-hour lunch.   
Rogue Valley Country Club
2660 Hillcrest Rd.
Medford, OR 97504

Cost: $20
For more information, call 541-779-4847

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Introduction to Lean Office:
The Art of Streamlining
July 11, 2012
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Lean Office focuses on reducing or eliminating the non-value added activities (waste) inherent in any office environment, providing better organization, efficiency and cost savings. Lean Office can help reduce your total cycle time by helping you streamline beyond the shop floor - improving customer and employee satisfaction in the process. 
The morning session of the Lean Office workshop involves a mix of classroom-style learning and interactive live simulations, where class participants take on the roles of managers and workers within a company to:
  • Identify the 8 Deadly Wastes
  • Conduct Value Stream Mapping
  • Participate in a Spaghetti Diagram
  • Learn 5S for the office/workspace (Organization)
  • Understand the role of Standard Work
The afternoon session will be entirely hands-on, with participants working on streamlining real life processes presented by each attending business. In addition, we will take a look at other relevant Lean tools such as:
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Lean Culture 
RCC Table Rock Campus 
7800 Pacific Avenue, White City

Cost: $79

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Mt. Hood Community College
Summer Webinars 

Business Website Essentials - July 6, 2012 at 9:00 AM
In this Webinar you will learn the basics of creating a successful website for your small business. The instructor will present tools to build your website, as well web hosting options to publish your site on the Internet. 

Click here for more information and to register for Website Essentials.

Can't make our Smart Start Workshop? Mt. Hood offers a similar one online at no charge...  Going into Business: Start Smart - July 20, 2012 at 11:45 AM

Learn the basics of opening a small business in the State of Oregon. How to register your business name, open a business bank account and obtain a tax ID number for your business.

here for more information and to register for Going into Business.
How to Get a Business Loan - August 14, 2012 at 11:30 AM
Attend this seminar and get the answers to these questions:
  • What is the current Access to Capital?
  • What are some Sources of Capital?
  • What Banks are Lending?
  • What are Lenders really looking for?
  • What are the steps to getting a Loan?
  • Am I Bankable? What do I need to know?
  • What if I'm Not Bankable?  How can I get Bankable?
  • What if I get Denied?  
Click here for more information and to register How to Get a Business Loan  


Contracting with the Government - August 22, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Small businesses face challenges when trying to win federal, state and local government contracts. The Small Business Administration can help small businesses work through these challenges. This class provides an in-depth approach to discovering and seeking contract opportunities available as well as the possible marketing tools that may assist in selling your product or service to the government.


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SBA LogoThe Small Business Development Center is partially funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The support given by the Small Business Administration through such funding does not constitute or express an implied endorsement of any of the cosponsors; or participants' opinions, products, or services. Special arrangement for disabled individuals will be made if requested in advance.