Flood of '11:
Ways To Help

Dennis (left) with Scott Trask. The good word of the day is PROGRESS


PROGRESS: Per Dennis Holman, Brandon Fire Department, the good word on the street today is PROGRESS. A walk in town early this morning revealed emergency personnel and road crews on the job. Brandon Police Department and Firefighters have been working round the clock helping to ensure public safety and doing their best to get people back in buildings and businesses re-opened. Markowski Excavating heroes have been digging, fixing, filling and leveling. If all goes well, Route 7 might be open sometime Friday.

More PROGRESS photos can be seen from this link. 


Brandon, Vermont: Open January 1 - December 31. Still!

Friends, former residents, family members, and people all over the world with a little piece of Brandon in their heart, have been calling and emailing to see how they can help. The Brandon Area Chamber of

Commerce has established the Brand-Aid Fund to help members of our business community. The intent of the fund is to assist those businesses trying to re-open as quickly as possible. It might mean a relocation for some. Or shoring up a building. Or gutting the inside and starting over. Some business or building owners have flood insurance although it doesn't sound like many. And flood insurance usually carries high deductibles and long waiting periods. 


Chamber officials will create parameters on the disbursement of the fund in the coming days. The important news is that you can help! Every penny donated will be disbursed. Immediately, donations may be made by credit card via PayPal. You do not have to be a PayPal member to donate this way.  We hope to establish a fund at a local financial institution as well for people who would rather donate by check. News on that will be coming out very soon.


The Chamber's final concert in our summer concert series is Friday, September 2 starting at 6:30 pm in Brandon's Central Park featuring Feral Godmother. This band is hailed as "South Central Vermont's second or third most powerful garage band." They deliver an eclectic mélange of folk rock, electric blues, and avant-garagé. The concert is sponsored by Jim Leary, Esquire and Nancy Leary Design. Jim and Nancy own a building which was effected by the flood and are still awaiting answers on when their building can be re-opened. Not only do they have a number of tenants who cannot open for business yet, both of their own offices are upstairs. Feral Godmother band members have decided to forego payment for the concert and they are now helping to turn the concert into a fundraiser for the Brand-Aid Fund.

Come on down on Friday night for a free concert and community togetherness. We plan on a 50 / 50 raffle and a "pass the hat" as a way to fundraise for the Brand-Aid Fund so please bring a few dollars with you.





  • Support the local business community by shopping in town, eating out, and buying groceries and hardware. C'mon, who doesn't need to replenish and restock? 
  • Help Needed: From Neshobe Golf Club: The water that overflowed from the Neshobe river during Hurricane Irene has left us with quite a clean-up job. The crew is working very hard to tackle the problem areas but they could certainly use any help we can offer. Volunteers are needed, PLEASE come up to the club with suitable workclothes, you will probably get wet. You can call the club, but at times everyone will be on the course, so please, if there is no answer, just come to the clubhouse and you will soon see where you might be needed.  
    • And this just in: THURSDAY is Men's Night and this week it is your chance to help get Neshobe back from the flood. If you ever come to play on MEN'S NIGHT.... please come to help the clean up. The work continues all day - but let's get a BIG TEAM between 4:00 and 5:00 and have all hands sign on for a MEN'S NIGHT that will re-claim our course. We're concentrating on holes along the river  from #2 and up #7, 8 & 10 and those areas. Dinner will be served for ALL.  ANYONE who can help - PLEASE come Thursday afternoon - give whatever time you can. Bring a flat shovel if you can.  (your wedge just won't be enough club this time). Call the Club at 802-247-3611.
  • Buy Bricks for the Brandon Green Park Rebuilding: Contact Bette Moffett or Warren Kimble (247-8880) or stop by 10 Park St.

    September 8 from 12 - 5:30 pm at the Fire Station  

  • Help needed in the Rutland area: Rutland volunteers have some needs to help residents in Mendon, Killington, and Rutland. Their public Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/RestoringRutland. Here is a synopsis: "We are currently looking for contributions in two ways. First, there are ongoing efforts to provide food, water, ice, and other supplies to people trapped in Mendon and Killington. Additionally the local food banks are in desperate need, so if you can collect supplies, donate supplies, or help staff 34 Strongs ave (which has become a command center for some of these efforts) please contact Katye Robare Munger who will be coordinating those efforts. Volunteers are needed as soon as today! Second, we will be out in the community working along side other agencies this weekend starting some of the physical restoration. More details will be given on this aspect as it develops. The hours for the drop off site are 9am-9pm. Clothes drop off can be made to Rutland County Women's Network and Shelter at 101 Grove Street. Donations may be dropped off M-F 9:00-4:00. If you have a large amount to drop off please call them at 775-6788."  
From Brandon Police Chief Chris Brickell:

Cooperation and coordination of getting Route 7 open is contingent upon the public and business owner assistance. Business owners, property owners, and onlookers need to respect the need of law enforcement, firefighters, and construction crews to keep the area clear of people.   


Road update:
Two days ago, we posted incorrect road information. Route 73 East toward Brandon Gap is closed AFTER the turn-off to Goshen. There is traffic in and out of Goshen.

The Following Schools
If you know someone in Brandon or Forestdale who is cut off please let them know to contact Tina Wiles at twiles@sover.net for a FEMA drop.


Vermont road closures is fairly updated by calling 511 or checking the 511 map on-line 


Continue to check theBrandon Facebook page and the Town of Brandon website for updates. Th Facebook page is a public page and you do not need to be a Facebook member or user to view it.


Brandon Area Chamber of Commerce

PO Box 267
Brandon VT 05733



The Brandon Artists Guild is open for business as usual. Please join us this Friday, September 2 from 5 - 7 pm at an opening reception for Joan Curtis show, "Greener Grass."


This exhibit will be on display through November 2.  The artist explains that the Greener Grass title may be interpreted a few ways. The pictures, which seem to tell stories, can convey a gentle sense of longing or yearning for "greener grass." Alternatively, many of the images are so serenely bucolic that we imagine the scenes depicted to be the "greener grass" we seek.  The artist, in her visionary figurative work, often conjures up the feeling that a Quest is taking place.