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The Case for Running an Employee Campaign


I've used this space before to talk about why I have supported United Way throughout my professional career, and suggest some reasons others may want to support United Way.  


This month, I would like to look at things from a business perspective:  If I am the CEO of a company that does business in Butler County, why should I consider running a workplace campaign?  After all, these are still tough economic times and the chances are good that I have fewer employees than I did five years ago, and they are working harder than ever.  Why should I distract them from work with a United Way employee campaign?


The short answer is that the Butler County United Way can help your company help the community.  Last year, nearly 4,500 individuals placed their confidence and charitable contributions totaling more than $1.8 million in the Butler County United Way.  Over 175 companies and organizations conducted workplace campaigns last year because their leaders recognize that investing in United Way helps to support and sustain a thriving community.  And that's good for business!


Here are five reasons you should join them:

  1.       Whether you have five employees or hundreds, your employees and their families have diverse health and human service needs.  No single organization except the Butler County United Way considers the whole community and its need for a wide range of services.  When you and your employees invest in United Way, your contributions help fund 32 health and human service programs that serve thousands of Butler County residents every year - including your employees, their family members and neighbors.
  2.       Personal problems can affect an employee's morale, dependability, and productivity.  Butler County United Way's support to the regional 2-1-1 service provides answers to the question "Where can I go for help?" and it does so 24 hours a day, seven days a week. last year information and referral specialist, equipped with a data base listing more than 10,000 health and human service providers and scores of government agencies, answered over 122,000 calls for help.
  3.       Team-building through our Day of Caring can deliver tremendous rewards.  Last year, 253 volunteers from 25 organizations formed teams and volunteered for projects like painting murals, landscaping and gardening at an agency.  The Butler County United Way will be glad to customize a volunteer project for you and your employees, if you like.
  4.       United Way offers many opportunities for your hard-working employees to play a little while still helping our community.  Throughout the year, United Way hosts special events and networking opportunities, and provides numerous sponsorship opportunities that can help you publicize your company or organization.
  5.       Finally, you can trust the Butler County United Way to help you help our community.  We have the expertise and experience to address our community's health and human services needs.  United Way's community investment system is especially designed for our community.  It is efficient, and funds raised here stay here helping our neighbors.

So, if you are a CEO - or in a position to influence a CEO - I hope I have convinced you to join us and conduct a United Way workplace campaign.  Just give me a call at 513-863-0800 or send me an email at [email protected], and we'll set the wheels in motion!


Thanks for your consideration.









For many people, philanthropic giving is a lifelong commitment that provides both personal satisfaction and financial benefits.


Through the Butler County United Way Planned Giving Program, you can give a general endowment gift that benefits you and your family, while ensuring vital health and human service programs are available for generations to come.


To learn more, contact Mitchell Willis, Director of Resource Development at [email protected] or 513-863-0800.


2012 Hamilton Home Repair 


Volunteer to Help Repair Homes


In July of 2012, nearly 400 kids will be coming into Hamilton from around the country to repair between 50 and 60 homes in the city.


There are a number of volunteer opportunities to help these kids do a great thing for Hamilton. Take a look at this list of roles and responsibilities, and contact Vanessa Jackson at [email protected] if you would like to help or for more information.

2010 Windy City Bus Trip



Reserve your seat on the Bus for our Annual Windy City Bus Trip to Chicago.


November 2nd-November 4th, 2012

$375.00 Per Person
             (based on double occupancy)

$200. Deposit must be made by June 30th, 2012 with balance owed paid by August 31st.


Depart West Chester :

Friday, November 2, 2012 @ 8:00AM

Return West Chester:

Sunday, November 4, 2012 @ 8:00PM



Hyatt Regency, Chicago

151 East Wacker Drive

Chicago, Il 60601 


For more information and/or to make your reservation CLICK HERE.

Campaign Kickoff Breakfast
Friday, August 24th from 7:30am-9:am
West Chester Hospital

Day of Caring - Fall 2012
Friday, August 24th 9:00am
West Chester Hospital

Day of Caring-Spring 2012 brought more than 100 volunteers representing 15 companies working on 17 projects throughout Butler County.

It was a beautiful day and the volunteer assistance was a beautiful thing!

Don't miss out on the fun - mark your calendars now so you can be part of the Fall-2012 event!


Nonprofit Board Leadership Certificate Program


Our 2012 program is scheduled for Tuesdays, September 18 - November 6 at Miami's Voice of America Learning Center in West Chester.


Visit the website for more information.


Currently taking applications for Fall 2012!

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