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March 24, 2010
                                         Volume 8 - Issue 5

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Mark your calendars for the 38th American Birkebeiner
® from
Feb.  24-26, 2011!

The 2011 events include the 50K Birkie Skate sponsored by Becker Law Office, Subaru 54K Birkie Classic, and 23K Kortelopet Skate and Classic races.

Birkie 2011 also features shorter races, events and festivities for:

  • men, women, teens and kids
  • families
  • the super fit
  • the super enthusiastic
  • those vowing to get in shape
  • those wanting pure and simple recreation
  • those wanting to meet like-minded fitness buffs
  • those wanting challenge, excitement and fun
  • those wanting to support friends, family and skiers from around the world!

From the Barnebirkie to the Birkebeiner...Ski.Run.Live!

Find out more at
or call us at 715.634.5025. We're eager to hear from you!

American Birkebeiner Trail Run, Relay & Trek

Sept. 25, 2010

The 2010 American Birkebeiner Trail Run includes you choice of:

  • NEW! 26.2 mile Individual Marathon
  • 26.2 mile Marathon Relay
  • 13.1 mile Individual Half Marathon
  • 13.1 mile Birkie Trail Trek
  • 5K Fun Run/Wlak

Learn more visit

or register today for the Trail Run, Relay or Trek.

January 22, 2011

Come out, ski and enjoy the Birkie and Birkie Classic Trails and participate in the BirkieTour!

The tour is an untimed, non-competitive, "open-track" event open to skiers age 13 and older.

Birkie & Korte Tour Distances
Registration will be available this Spring!

Learn more visit

The Birkie®:
38 Years of Inspiring Skiers
to Live Fit, Healthy Lives!

 In our house, winter is a journey whose destination is the BIRKIE!

My family and I are grateful and frankly humbled by the enormous dedication of all staff and volunteers who work on the Birkie each year. It's an extraordinary event and is as much a part of our family experience as birthdays and holidays.

"Tony Wise asked me to design a good trail system at Telemark. I spent 14 days there and laid out trails similar to the Vasalopet trails in Sweden. Later, Marty Hall added more hills. From the point of view of competitive skiers, it is a very good course."

~ Sven Wiik, Nordic guru, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"The Birkie has been a factor in my life since the first time I skied the trail in 1976. My philosophy is to do whatever we can do to foster participation in the overall event. I want more people on the snow and enjoying the weekend."

~ Ned Zuelsdorff, Executive Director, Cable, WI

For almost thirty years, it has been a blessing in my life! THANK YOU.

You guys run a world class event. It is the most fun you can have while torturing yourself.

My life is richer because of my experiences at the
American Birkebeiner.
Can't wait for next year!

See you at the start, race you the finish...hoping to have the time of my life along the way!

-Jim Reker

To me the day is close to a religious are excited but respectful, almost reverent to the course and the challenges of the day.
The people you are skiing with are all comrades on a mission to soak up the day and dig within to see what we all have down deep.

Better than Christmas. I will be skiing the Birkie every year I'm alive on Earth. It's that special."

Praise for 2010 Events!


Loved skiing with 8000 of my closest ski friends!!!

Keep up the good work!

My 23rd and it was one of the best! Thanks!

You do a great job. I am always impressed.

Thanks for a great race!

You all did an amazing job in making this race, with record numbers, come off extremely well. The grooming this year has been fantastic, and the trail was excellent all year.
Thank you sooo much!

Great weather, do that every year.

The race was very smooth. I thought the organization was outstanding. Congratulations on another wonderful Birkie!!

THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who make this race possible!!!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the volunteers!

Have only favorable comments to pass on after my 1st Birkie. Staff and volunteers were helpful and courteous. Carhart meets spandex!

Awesome event!

Thanks for running a very classy event.

As always, a great job! Thanks to all the volunteers.

Great race! Great volunteers! Very well organized. Thank you.

My first Birkie, I caught the FEVER!

The groomers did a fabulous job and my hat is off to them!

Absolutely fabulous event and great trail conditions.

I have never had so much fun with all the excitement, the great (and happy) volunteers, the excellent groomed and beautiful trails and the set-up before and after. I am truly hooked on this now and will be back again and again. Really, a wonderful experience!

Fantastic volunteers, great course, super weather.

Great event!
So much positive energy.

  Greetings from the Birkie!

Hi Skiers and Friends!

It was a super year for the Birkie and we hope you enjoyed the event! We ended up with an all-time record 8,056 Birkie and Korte skiers, a record 323 Prince Haakon 12K skiers and more than 10,200 total skiers at the 2010 American Birkebeiner. 
More than 2,800 of you responded to our Birkie and Korte skier survey, and another 100+ responded to the 12K survey. Results of the surveys are found below. We greatly appreciate the thoughtful comments and suggestions you've provided. Nearly everything went smoothly, but several problems were identified that we are already working on to make the 2011 event even better.
The Birkie Board just met to review the 2010 event. The Board and Birkie staff remain focused on providing the highest quality Birkie event possible. For that reason the Board has established a cap of 8,400 Birkie and Korte skiers and registration deadline of January 31, 2011 for those 2011 events. We will reserve a small portion of those skier slots for foreign skiers to maintain the international flavor of the event. We've also established a cap of 400 skiers for the 12K.
We're working on preparations for the 8th Birkie Trail Run and Trek in September. New this year is the individual Marathon Run on the trail with a finish at Telemark. Hope to see you on the trails.

Stay Fit!

Ned Zuelsdorff
Executive Director

  Birkie News®
2011 Race Cap & Registration Deadline Established

The Birkie Board has set a cap of 8,400 skiers for the 2011 Birkie and Kortelopet races. There were 8,056 skiers registered for the 2010 races. A portion of this registration number will be reserved for foreign skiers. The Board again established the cap as a way to maintain the high quality of the event that skiers desire and expect.
The Board also established an overall registration deadline of January 31, 2011 for the event. The deadline provides the Birkie organization time to eliminate registration errors and issues, and helps assure that all the needed pieces are in place to again provide a high quality American Birkebeiner event.
A registration cap of 400 skiers was established for the Prince Haakon race and the overall deadline registration will also be January 31, 2011.
Skier registration will close upon reaching the cap or the deadline. The status of registration for the 2011 event will be reported in the Birkie's Carpe Skiem electronic newsletter as well on the Birkie website.

Change Deadline
The deadline for submitting Race Change, Technique Change and Wave Change information is Monday, February 14, 2011, 6:00 p.m. You must submit Qualifying Info and $15 fee by phone. Call 715-634-5025. Credit card number will be required. For a complete list of Qualifying Races and information visit Remember you will be placed in the highest available wave up to Wave 4 based on your qualifying information.


Race Registration Opens April 15, 2010

Can't wait to sign up for the 2011 Birkie, Korte or Prince Haakon event? In just three short weeks online registration will be available for these events. The Birch Scroll Results issue will also be mailed on April 15th and will contain race entry forms. You will also be able to print race entry forms from the Event Section of on April 15th.
2010 Race Issues & Resolutions

Over 1,600 skiers submitted comments in addition to taken part in the 2010 Participant Surveys. Listed below are the more significant issues the Birkie staff and Board identified after reviewing all of the comments. After each issue we have listed the improvements and changes we plan to make for the 2011 events.
Friday Parking/Busing at Telemark
Parking at Telemark is not adequate to handle all the skiers trying to reach the lodge, especially Friday afternoon necessitating parking near the Pilot Fish Motel on Telemark Road. We will improve communication with parking attendants and increase the number of buses transporting skiers to Telemark and extend busing coverage time from 10 AM to 8 PM. 
Race Morning Parking/Busing from Hayward to Telemark
We have talked with the busing chief and will likely have additional buses leaving later for skiers parking at Donnellan Field and the Hayward High School parking lots. 
Gear Bags Splitting
We will allow skiers to use their own bags as an alternative to using plastic bags, although plastic bags will remain available.  There will be a size and weight limit set. Ski bags will also be allowed, but a fee will be charged. 
Skier Check-In and Bib Pick Up at Telemark
We have designed a more efficient method of check-in and registration receipt pick-up in the Pearson Room at Telemark. In addition, we will implement a more efficient flow of skier traffic for bib/chip/bag label and promo bag pick-up at Telemark.
Classic Tracks on the Kortelopet Course
Classic tracks on the Korte course changed sides several times and was at least confusing to many skiers. The "switching" was caused where the trail is too narrow to set two tracks. A mechanical limitation on our classic track setting equipment did not allow setting a single track on the same side of the trail in place of the double track. This mechanical limitation is being corrected.

Portable Toilets

We will add more portable toilets to areas near Telemark Lodge, the start area, and Como Parking.
Food Station Crowding
We will review and re-design some of the more congested food station areas to allow skiers to ski through without stopping or interference. The downhill into the Timber Trail food station will be divided for classic and skate skiers.
Food Station Food and Water
We are considering additional food such as cookies and chocolate at some of the food stations including the finish lines.  We will offer a vegetarian soup option at the finish line food stations and will consider additional food and beverage options.
Shortage of Energy Gel
The website and information materials will accurately identify what food and liquids are available at each food station.

2011 Birkie, Korte & Prince Haakon Survey

We greatly appreciate the time you took to complete the survey. Your feedback is very important to the future of the Birkie and the events and services we provide. As stated above we reviewed all of the comments.

The question about the Birkie Finish on Main in particular received over 1,000 comments. The 2011 Birkie will finish on Main Street in Hayward, if at all possible. We will however, continue to evaluate the finish situation but make no change unless we can assure that the change will provide an even better event.

To see the the survey results:
Scroll down under the weather and Birkie countdown graphics.

2010 Birkie Video
Presented by the American Birkebeiner and Central Cross Country Ski Association

2010 Birkie VideoFollow the top freestyle men as they attack the hills of the Birkie trail in pursuit of winning the 37th American Birkebeiner. This exciting video, with both trail level and aerial shots, puts you in the lead pack of three Italians, two Norwegians and the top Americans as teammates work together to drop the competition and claim victory on Main street in Hayward.

Post race interviews with the top finishing men and women provide an insider's look at race strategies. Video also includes significant footage of the start, finish, and a middle section of the men's classical race.

Plus a second DVD shows continuous footage of skiers on the Powerline. A great opportunity to see yourself!

Price $19.95. Order your copy today



RaceMyRace LogoRaceMyRace is the ultimate tool in online virtual race preparation. Enter your projected or past race results for running, biking, triathlon or Nordic skiing events to prepare for or re-live each race.

Created by Birkie Skier, Todd Goold, RaceMyRace promises to revolutionize race preparation. Skiers at all levels will benefit from the virutal training RaceMyRace offers. Visit to check it out.

2010 Skier Numbers at the Birkie

We've compiled skier numbers for the 2010 event. Highlights include more people in the Classic races and more women. The summary table is available at, again scroll down under the weather and Birkie countdown graphics to find the link.


Lost & Found Items

We still have several unclaimed items in our race lost and found. If you are missing anything please contact our office at 715-634-5025 or birkie@birkie.comand we can make arrangements to return the item to you. Lost and Found is kept until June 1st. After that time we will donate any remaining items.
2009 Birkie Trail Run HalfBirkie Skiers for Cures Summary

Thousands of skiers and spectators participated in the 2010 Birkie Skiers for Cures program by purchasing pins or collecting donations for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This year's program raised over $50,000 and will be used for research to bring us closer to a cure for this chronic, often debilitating disease that attacks the central nervous system. Donations are still being accepted, click here.

Be sure to check out the Results Birch Scroll for a complete list of the great businesses who donated prizes. Thanks to everyone who supported the 2010 Birkie Skiers for Cures Program!

  Birkie® Fever

Top 10 Reasons to Apply to be Inga of Varteig

By Josie Nelson

2010Inga.Josie Nelson10. You may be asked if you're "Queen of the Birkie." (this actually happened to me at the Barnebirkie)

9. Pine tar prevents pre-race anxiety about glide wax choice and inhalation of fluorocarbons.

8. You don't need to worry about taking off your warm-ups at the start. (I just wrapped myself in my cape until we took off.)

7. You get a 10 minute head start over the elite wave.

6. There's time to down 6 cups of energy drink and eat donut holes at every aid station.

5. If you break a wooden sapling pole, you can always just cut another one in the woods.

2009 Birkie Trail Run Half4. You don't feel bad about being passed by thousands of skiers.

3. Great parking spots for your support people (the police officer at 00 let my mom park right next to the trail when she said, "I have a dry diaper for Prince Haakon.")

2. The roar of the crowds on mainstreet has to be more exciting than winning an Olympic gold.

1. No need to find a babysitter - just strap your little one to your back!

To read posts from the Warriors & Inga visit:

Share Your Birkie Fever Story

We know you have a story to tell. Whether you are a skier, spectator or volunteer we want to hear from you. Birkie Fever is a phenomonen that touches many people in many different ways. Share your Birkie Fever with others. Send 300 word essays or short quotes and photos to Afraid you can't write? Don't let that stop you. We can take your words and weave them into a great Birkie Fever story.
 What's Next?
Mark Your Calendars for the 38th American Birkebeiner®: Feb. 24-26, 2011

From the Barnebirkie to the Birkebeiner, this citizen's ski race features something for everyone. Watch for 38th anniversary details in upcoming issues of Carpe Skiem and online at

About the Birkie

From February 24-26, 2011, more than 8,000 fit, colorfully-clad skiers from all walks of life and from around the world will descend upon the Wisconsin northwoods to participate in the 38th anniversary American Birkebeiner, a cross-country ski race that weaves more than 50 kilometers (30 miles) along a hilly, heavily wooded trail from the Telemark Resort near Cable to the finish line on Main Street in downtown Hayward.

For some, it's serious business. The Birkebeiner is part of the Worldloppet, a circuit of 15 Nordic ski races held on four continents. The race attracts a top cadre of professional racers from 20 countries, including past and present Olympians and those competing in the International Ski Federation standings.

For many hundreds of others, though, it's an annual celebration of personal endurance and outdoor enthusiasm. Since its inception in 1973, 'The Birkie' has grown into the largest cross country ski marathon in the nation. While pros may complete the course in about two hours, legions of weekend warriors soldier on in triple that time. Citizen skiers can compete in the full race or sign up for 23 kilometer Kortelopet or one of our many other events.

You don't even have to click into skis to join in on the party. An estimated 15,000 to 20,000 spectators line many portions of the route, and it seems all of Hayward is there cheering at the finish line. Equipment demos, citizen sprints, family fun races/tours and other events round out the weekend.

Ski . Run . Live

Upcoming Events

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Birkie Trail Run & Trek

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thursday, February 24-Saturday, February 26, 2011
Birkie 2011

Check out the Events Section at for a listing of all the Birkie's Great Events!