June 6, 2011
Association of Lutheran Church Musicians
With apologies to the folks at Lutheridge, we're resending the e-newsletter that was sent earlier this week. The dates in the heading for the Lutheridge announcement should have been July 10-16, 2011 (this summer). Next summer's music week dates are July 8-14, 2012. 
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From the Interim Executive Director


We are just a few short weeks from experiencing the 'abundance' of the 2011 Biennial Conference in Seattle. I'm excited to be there. The Institute of Theological Studies at Seattle University is my Alma Mater and it is always a joy to return to the wonderful environment on Capitol Hill.


While it may not be a huge draw in convincing you to come to Seattle if you are not already registered - we wanted you to know that there will be some exciting opportunities. Stop by the ALCM table where you can meet a new friend and be available for a daily give-away or two. Post a joke on the white board - and if yours is voted the 'joke of the day' you will be rewarded. You may be the lucky recipient to enjoy a dinner at a restaurant overlooking Elliot Bay, or visit a local winery for a free tour. And then there is that really big mystery drawing that cannot be revealed in this e-news letter. I'm sworn to secrecy until the appointed day and hour!


Katie Adelman

Interim Executive Director

Sleepless in Seattle?!!!


Seattle Conference Logo


Why lie awake in your own bed between July 31st and August 3rd? You may be afflicted with all sorts of nighttime maladies if you stay away from the ALCM Conference in Seattle. You may toss and turn with your mind racing, wondering what new information you might be missing in the workshops and panel discussions. You may wake yourself with your own snoring, in despair about missing all of us singing beautifully in parts together in worship. You could be awakened by hunger, starving for the wonderful preaching that you could be hearing. Or you might be kept from falling asleep, completely chilled at the thought of missing those hugs from friends and colleagues, new and old. Maybe you'll awaken in a cold sweat, not being able to find out in person what a Space Needle could possibly be. Why not be sleepless IN Seattle? You can get up early so that you don't miss any of the day's activities. You can stay up late, attending worship, concerts, exhibits, visiting with other church musicians. You may even stay up until the wee hours talking to your roommate, solving all of your challenging situations with someone who actually understands what you do. Sign up right away for the conference.  We're sure that it will be a stimulating experience!


There is still time for online registration: www.alcm.org. Follow our progress on Facebook at ALCM Seattle.  If you have specific questions about the conference you can email us at: alcmseattle@alcm.org. 


Music Week at Lutheridge

July 10-16, 2011 


Lutherridge Music WeekExperience church music like never before! Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Biltmore, NC, Lutheridge
is truly a place apart. Each summer, Lutheridge welcomes adults, children, and youth for a week of worship and praising God through singing, ringing, drumming and dancing. Choirs for all ages. Daily choral and handbell reading sessions. Helpful interest sessions. A Thursday evening hymn festival and Friday concerts add to the week's celebration. Great opportunities to experience new worship settings. On-site Augsburg Fortress & Jeffers Handbells stores. Still time to register for this summer. Register online at www.llmi.org.



July 10-16, 2011  Bless Now, O God, the Journey

Clinicians: Robert Hobby, Jeremy Bankson, Timothy Waugh, Michael Zemek, Phillip Shoultz, Jeanie Reed, Karol Kimmell, Mark Glaeser



July 8-14, 2012 (Mark your calendar for next summer!)

Clinicians: Michael Burkhardt, Eric Nelson, Mark Patterson






Last Chance: Publish Your Business Card in Seattle Conference Book!


Don't forget to include your business card in the conference book. 



Submit a b/w PDF and 2 business cards along with a check for $50 made out to ALCM. (If you have 2 different business cards or an oversized card, please send 4 cards and a check for $85.)  


Send your check payable to ALCM and business cards to

Joanna Pretz-Anderson

ALCM Advertising Office

14367 Bennington Dr

Strongsville, OH 44136-8103


PDFs should be sent to ads@alcm.org no later than June 15th. Payment must accompany cards; no billing. 


Have you read the article?

Have you joined the conversation? 


Whether or not you will be attending the Seattle conference this summer, you are invited to join in the conversation surrounding Paul Westermeyer's CrossAccent article entitled, "Discernment." You can read the article, which will form the basis of the panel discussion at the conference. Prior to the conference, you can join the conversation taking place in the Discussion Forum.


To join the discussion:

  1. Go to the ALCM web site (www.alcm.org) and click on the "Members Area" link at the top of the page. Log in to the Members Area. When the main page of the Members Area displays, click on the "Discussion Forum" link on the left side of the page.
  2. Click on the "Worship" forum topic and then click on the "Westermeyer: Abundance. . ." discussion. You can join in the discussion or just follow it as it progresses.
Don't use this email address!


The email address admin@alcm.org is NOT a valid email address, so please do not use it. You can send general emails to us at office@alcm.org. To send an email directly to someone at ALCM, check the list of officers and staff on the ALCM web site.


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