May 1, 2011
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From the President


How did it get to be May already? This late Easter has thrown off our calendar rhythms! We realize that summer is almost upon us and many of us are still catching our breath from the services, concerts, and studies that have occupied us over the past weeks. So what will you do with the weeks ahead.


There is still time to register for our biennial conference in Seattle: Abundance, Joy, Challenge. For me our conferences are times of renewal with treasured colleagues and friends, and a chance to meet new ones. This summer's conference promises to connect in ways that extend well beyond the conference itself. Paul Westermeyer has already started his panel discussion with his recent CrossAccent article, "Discernment". Make sure you read it before you come and then join the discussion. (See article below for instructions on joining the conversation.) This year's plenary team, Christian Scharen and Pam Fickenscher, will dialogue with us as a pastor and a teacher. We can join in the conversations with them and one another in Seattle, and bring those conversations back home to continue. So the conference has already begun and will continue in and beyond Seattle. Check out the conference website to see what a great event the planning team has put together.


Wishing you Easter joy and renewal,

Lorraine Brugh

ALCM President

Dutch Pipe Organ Tour


Experience the musical & cultural heritage of Holland on tour! The history, music, culture and cuisine of eight cities in Holland combine for an unforgettable tour of Dutch pipe organs June 23-July 1, 2011! Click this link for costs and itinerary. This highly educational and enjoyable tour will be supported by experience cultural tour guides, Dutch organists, organ builders, and other historians. Additionally, Dr. Horst Buchholz will serve as Academic Host on the tour. The tour will join the culminating activities of the International Organ Festival in Alkmaar and continue on with an independent itinerary. Participants can listen to international organists from different parts of Europe on pipe organs that are over 300 years old. The tour is open to all. Contact James Leek, Leek Pipe Organ Company, 1477 State Route 58, Oberlin, OH 44074 for questions and/or reservations at 440-775-4111 or


Join the Conversation!



Seattle Conference LogoA great part of any conference is the opportunity to talk with colleagues from across the country. I am sure that a part of this summer's discussion will be about the abundance of music available for our churches today. Paul Westermeyer has written a thought-provoking article in the latest issue of Cross Accent: "Discernment, What Music Should We Choose?" There is a unique opportunity to start the conversation a little early by visiting the Discussion Forum on the ALCM web site.


We have started a discussion topic in the "Worship" forum. What did you think of Dr. Westermeyer's article? How do you choose the music in your congregation? Do you have any ideas for music selection which you would like to share? Let's launch the conversation here and continue it at the conference. Paul will be moderating a panel discussion with  Lorraine Brugh for ALCM, Aaron Christie for WELS, David Johnson for LC-MS, Donald Nevile for ELCIC and Scott Weidler for ELCA.


To join the discussion:

  1. Go to the ALCM web site ( and click on the "Members Area" link at the top of the page. Log in to the Members Area. When the main page of the Members Area displays, click on the "Discussion Forum" link on the left side of the page.
  2. Click on the "Worship" forum topic and then click on the "Westermeyer: Abundance. . ." discussion. You can join in the discussion or just follow it as it progresses.

Want to be notified when someone makes a post to the topic? Click on the "Subscribe" link on the right side of the page. You will automatically receive an email notification when posts are made to the discussion.


Join the conversation both online and at the conference!


New Grace Notes and Region 4 Newsletters Posted!


Two new online newsletters have just been posted on the ALCM web site:


Seattle 2011 National Conference

Upcoming Regional Events

WELS Worship Conference

AGO Pipe Organ Encounters

New Edition: Handel's "Occasional Oratorio"

Manz Lyceum and Benefit Hymn Festival

ResourCenter: Stewardship and Music Ministry

2011 Raabe Prize Winner

ACDA Conference Report


Region 4 Summer 2011 Newsletter


ALCM Headliners Scharen and Fickenscher - Page 1

From the Editor - Page 2

From the President - Page 3

Choral Opportunity at National - Page 3

2012 Region IV Conference - Page 4

Ask a Pro: Greg Peterson - Page 6

Mark the Calendar - Page 6

Ask a Pro: Brad Ellingboe - Page 7

Stuff That Works: Hymn Introductions - Page 8

Region IV New Members - Page 8

Member Profile: Jeff Held - Page 9

Around the Region - Page 10

Thank God for our Lutheran Colleges - Page 11

Worth the Read: Christian Scharen - Page 12


(Don't be misled by the fact that this is the "Region 4" newsletter. As you can see from the titles of the articles, this newsletter has worthwhile material for all ALCM members!).

Help for the Organizationally Challenged


How do you organize your music library? What system have you developed or found to be most effective? Send your tips and tricks to Nancy Raabe, Grace Notes ResourCenter editor, by May 22 so that your wisdom can be shared in the next issue of Grace Notes. Include your church affiliation, along with your contact information if you are willing to receive communications from Grace Notes readers.



Post-Conference Opportunities 



Space NeedleTime and resources to travel are both in tight supply, so if you are coming to Seattle for the whole conference, just a few days, or if you live or have friends in the area, consider also signing up for post-conference master classes. There will be two sessions on Thursday, August 4 and conference attendees, guests and local musicians are all welcome to attend. Whether you are interested in taking a percussion class from Lacey Brown, lead musician at Seattle's nationally recognized Emergent Church: Church of the Apostles; learning how to start a Contemporary ensemble from seasoned ALCM member Mark Glaeser, or getting some skills development in choral conducting or organ playing from Richard Nace or David Dahl, there's something for you. We also have some wonderful offerings from national worship leaders from both the ELCA and LCMS, so consider taking one or two classes during this enriching one-day event. Details on the ALCM web site or ALCM conference brochure.


Members Area Additions


There are a number of very useful items for the Easter season in the Members Area of the ALCM web site. Remember, all items posted may be used by ALCM members without charge as long as their memberships are active. Visit the Members Area today, and while you're there, check out David Schack's gospel acclamations for small choir or soloist. He's providing a new one for each Sunday.


(Haven't visited the Members Area or can't remember your login information? Send an email to us at

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Don't forget to include your business card in the conference book. 



Submit a b/w PDF and 2 business cards along with a check for $50 made out to ALCM. (If you have 2 different business cards or an oversized card, please send 4 cards and a check for $85.) Deadline is April 10, 2011.



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