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Top : Jungle trail ride  Bottom : Certified Family Horse Camp (Advanced)
Banana Bank Lodge Newsletter 
August 2010
in this issue
:: Banana Bank attends BETEX 2010
:: Interesting Articles revealing finds from the Cara Blanca Diving Exploration conducted last May
:: Stained Glass window decorate Belize City Cathedrals
:: The Leta Webb Home Economics Center opens in Valley of Peace
:: Phillip Tate and Marcene Coleman tie the knot !
:: Carr's 41st Wedding Anniversary Celebrated at Youth With A Mission
:: Castillo Carolina - we've raised the roof !!!!
John Carr is teaching kids to train colts to halter lead Greetings!
If you were planning on attending the Banana Bank Family Horse Camp but then changed your mind, let me tell you, you and your family really missed out. It was - well as the campers themselves described it - AWESOME!. The kids learned to halter train colts (click on images and link for videos), they learned advanced riding skills, how shoes are put on horses, arts and crafts. Their days were filled with lots and lots of riding as well as surprises such as painting of the horses and bonfires. Incredible memories were made as well as friendships and family bonding. Cannot wait for next years camp !!!!!                                                           
   Campers painting their horses. The campers went trail riding every day.    After this they learned to chicken dance - click for video !!
Banana Bank at BETEX 2010

BETEX 2010
Once again Banana Bank Lodge participated in the Belize Tourism Expo which is held every two years right in Belize. It is a perfect opportunity for suppliers to meet face to face with travel agents as well as for them to see first hand all Belize has to offer. The attendance was impressive and organization superb. Congratulations Nicole and team for a job well done!! Great new format!!


More News about Cara Blanca finds
Dr. Lisa Lucero is featured in major articles

Dr Lisa Lucero explaining map of Yalbac Maya site near Cara Blanca Pools
You may recall in our last Newsletter the article "Naming a Cave"
which featured the expedition led by Dr. Lisa Lucero. Expert divers were brought to explore the limestone pools of Cara Blanca (a few miles behind Banana Bank in Yalbac). This had never been done before. Here are a couple more articles you may enjoy which provide updated information on their discoveries and many beautiful photos and video. The dive team stayed at Banana Bank during their expedition.

Extreme archaeology: Divers plumb the mysteries of the sacred Maya pools

UI prof's Maya research aims to illuminate commoners
Stained Glass Windows

St John's Cathedral stained glass window installed June 2010
Two historical churches in Belize City are boasting brand new stained glass windows crafted by Leisa and Bilo.The Peace Dove window was installed in June in the St John's Cathedral (1812) the oldest Protestant church of Central America.
Stained Glass window installed in Holy Redeemer Church in July 2010This Holy Spirit Dove window is being installed in the Holy Redeemer Cathedral (1851) This is the third window Leisa has done for the Roman Catholic historical Cathedral.
Mr David Webb donates to VOP school
The Leta Webb Home Economics Center

Mr David Webb showing us the plaque for The Leta Webb Home Economics Center
Young girls in the Valley of Peace High School are going to greatly benefit from a beautiful building to learn Home Economics in thanks to Mr. Webb, a philanthropist who has spent over 10 years dedicating his efforts to the community. Mr. Webb has done many projects in VOP and is a frequent guest at Banana Bank. We enjoy his company every time (and he loves our dinners ! The building is to commemorate the memory of Mr. Webb's wife, Leta.
Another one ties the knot !!
Congratulations Phillip and Marcene !!!

Phillip Tate and Marcene Coleman wed July 17, 2010
Phillip Tate has been a friend of the Carr family since the first day they arrived in Belize in 1977. He was the little boy next door who's big smile soon became a frequent visitor in our home and in our hearts. We truly wish you and Marcene a long and happy life together!!!
Happy Anniversary John and Carolyn!!
YWAM commemorated the occasion !

August 4th marked 41 years of marriage for John & Carolyn
Youth With A Mission in Belize celebrated the Carr's 41st wedding anniversary on August 4th with a beautiful ceremony and a cake decorated by Cheryl Stirm. Congratulations!
Castillo Carolina is taking form.
Completion date - 2011 for sure!

The roof has been completed since this picture was taken
Many of you asked the question while visiting Banana Bank - what is that building for? The bottom floor is the Cafe Carolina which opened in January 2010 and has been the delight of many with the delicious nachos and smoothies. The middle floor will be an events center with sound system and furnishings for any event and the third floor will be the much awaited for Carolyn Carr Galleria. It will also feature a Museum of artifacts collected at Banana Bank.

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