Divers in Pool #1 - Cara Blanca - Yalbac Belize
Howler Monkeys observing the divers

Banana Bank Lodge

May 2010

Click here to donate nowOur walk was completed on April 24th and it was a huge success. There were over 300 participants and couldn't have asked for better weather. We are happy to say that we surpassed our goal and got a grand total of $1190.00 !! A special THANK YOU to all who joined us in this great cause !!
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Naming a Cave
Dr Kinkella, Dr Lucero, Robbie, Marty, Kim, Bil and Ed going over detailsI had the privilege to join Dr. Lisa J. Lucero - Associate Professor in the Dept. of Anthropology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who was awarded a National Geographic Society research grant for her project, 'Diving the Sacred Pools of the Ancient Maya' for a day at Pool #1 of the 23 pools of Cara   Blanca.  Her team included Dr. Patricia Beddows, a geo-chemist and hydrologist (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Northwestern University), and Dr. Andrew Kinkella (Moorpark College), advanced diver and archaeologist, who formed the underwater science directive.  The dive team included Marty O'Farrell (underwater video / photography http://www.seaofarrell.com/), Kim Davidsson a private diving instructor, Robbie Schmittner  (http://www.xibalbadivecenter.com/), and Bil Phillips (http://www.speleotech.com/index.html).  Ed Mallon provided topside logistics for electronics and equipment and served as a backup diver.  Robert Hemm of the Explorers Club of New York City, also joined the project to document it. The expedition is to uncover more of the mysteries of the Maya that may be lying at the bottom of the pools or in the caves believed by the ancient Maya to be sacred portals to the underworld. There are structures and mounds right at the edge of the pools that indicate inhabitants from approximately A.D. 700-900. Hearing the divers describe their admiration with the underwater cave, which was not only larger than they expected but quite deep at 80 meters, their description of the crystal found on cenote walls outside the cave, and even the surprise of a 6 inch eel swimming right past the camera, did not compare with my fascination of all I was learning. My intrigue heightened when someone posed the question to Dr. Lucero. "What is going to be the name of the cave?" I realized that I was at a milestone that would mark the border between "undiscovered" and "defined territory". That this cave would go from being nameless to a place on the map and I was a witness to history in the making. I was experiencing what could be described as an ultimate adventure.
Marty and Bill looking at videoKim Davidsson showing crystal found on wall
Wondering what to do for summer?
A whole week of family time learning about nature & horses
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Belize Ag Report booth at NATS 
John Carr and pal in the Belize Ag Report booth
The National Agriculture and Trade Show is an annual event in Belize that Banana Bank usually participates. We would like to congratulate the Belize Ag Report for a great booth. Belize Ag Report is a new paper of which John Carr is assistant editor. Chief editor Beth Roberson is doing a fantastic job at spreading Ag news throughout Belize , Guatemala and southern Mexico. I would even go as far as to say that BAR is a gateway of communication between fellow farmers, industries and governments. Congratulations !! Read more or subscribe to BAR at www.BelizeAgReport.com
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Naming a Cave
Family Horse Camp July 5 - 10
BAR Booth at NATS
What we did while they dived
BETEX 2010
WiFi in Cafe Carolina
Tropic Air in Belmopan

What we did while they dived

2 Trogons were also nearby observers of the divers
Over 200 species of birds can be spotted at Banana Bank and nearby areas. This trogon was very keen on getting his picture taken. Ed got as close as 4 feet
 to photograph.
  Dr Lucero describing the Mayan dwelling near the pool
Dr Lucero giving me a personal tour
 Pieces of pottery over 1200 years old
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BETEX 2010 logo
Once again Banana Bank Lodge & Jungle Horseback Adventure will be participating in BETEX 2010. It is an awesome opportunity for Travel Agents to experience Belize first hand. We will be part of the JUNGLE EXPIDITION itinerary. The group will be staying the night of the 27th at Banana Bank when there is a full moon and we will be offering our Moonlight Horseback Ride !!
 Moonlight Jungle Ride

WiFi in Cafe Carolina

Cafe Carolina
Recently we upgraded our WiFi capacity and to our delight not only does it range the entire Chateau Brio and all the way to the pool but it even covers Cafe Carolina ! Guest are enjoying their time when they come in after tours to go sit by the pool or in the Cafe as they enjoy a nice smoothie or even a piņa colada and surf the internet too. Snacks such as nachos and a variety of cakes or ice cream are also available or even a nice sandwich or soup for lunch. Cafe Carolina is Carolyn's idea and has served to be a great relaxation area for all who visit.

Tropic Air now has flights to Belmopan !!

Tropic Air
Tropic Air - considered the airline of Belize by many - was founded in1979 with one airplane and 2 employees. It now employs over 200 people and has over 180 daily flights. They are now offering flights to Belmopan minimizing travel time between Belizean destinations.
Thatch roof, fan-cooled, 2 bedroom cabanaOne of our suites in the Chateau BrioOne of our standard room 
On our Cabana - Standard Room and Suite Rates - Offer Expires: November 30th 2010