Colt born at Banana Bank March 2010
is in the air !!

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MS Walk - April 24th
2010 Ruta Maya Challenge
Orginal Carolyn Carr painting donation for Marla's House of Hope
Early March 4 colts born
Lorrie Morgan in Belize!
LA Times Travel Show
See new birding website !
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Banana Bank joins
Walk MS Maryland
Join the Banana Bank Team in the Fight Against MS! The number of people living with multiple sclerosis increases  every day. Research has made some incredible advances to offer disease management drugs and therapies to the 400,000 people living with MS in America but there is still no cure. We've formed a team for the Walk MS and proceeds go towards the National Multiple Sclerosis Society who funds more MS research than any other private organization. In addition to supporting studies they also provide much needed education, programs, and services to everyone who is affected by MS Make a donation online!
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Ruta Maya 2010
As is every year the Ruta Maya was held on Baron Bliss weekend - this being for the thirteenth year. There were 86 teams (13 of them International) to take on the 180 mile Belize River stretch. The event lasts four days starting in San Ignacio and finishing in Belize City.
Banana Bank has always been involved with Ruta Maya as it is where they finish the first leg of the race. Zip Riders (a local team) took first place. Belize Bank (last years winners) took second place and C.P.B.L. (Citrus Products of Belize Ltd and winners in 2008) took third place.
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2010 Ruta Maya River Challenge
CarolynCarr original donated at Marla's House of Hope auction
Every year Marla's House of Hope holds a major event which includes an auction of an original painting from Carolyn Carr. As of many years ago Carolyn has refrained from selling originals however this is a perfect opportunity to obtain an original as the highest bidder can choose the subject of the painting. 
Macaws in a Belizean evening
Every year Carolyn donates an original painting to the highest bidder
Spring is in full swing at Banana Bank
Pictured above is Aly lll and her little MontanaPercheron mare Black Beauty with Cremello's (who is pure bred Palamino) colt.  The color of this colt is call grulla.  It is black and white hairs mixed
and pronounced "grew-ya". Pictured on the right is Aly lll (decendent of Alydar) and her colt who's father is Montana. This colt has the potential of being 17 hands tall like his father. Two other colts were also born in the first 4 days of March - Mystic had a beautiful Montana colt (pictured below) and Patsy Pie had a colt from Hot Sauce.
Mystic and Montana colt born March 2010
Over the past 10 years much effort has been inversted in upgrading our herd which now numbers over 110 horses. A unique mix of quater horse with thoroughbred and the added touch of horse whispering training has proven to be the perfect combination for Banana Bank's well known reputation of being the best Jungle Horseback Rinding destination in Belize.
Lorrie Morgan in Belize !!
Lorrie Morgan and John Carr at her concert in San Pedro
Lorrie Morgan - country star known for her number one singles such as "What Part of No" and "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" was in a resort in San Pedro and held 2 concerts. John and Carolyn attended the event and it certainly was an awesome experience that in Belize one doesn't get to enjoy that often. (note ear to ear smile : ) 
Banana Bank at LA Times Travel Show
Thank you BTIA for the opportunity
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Leisa, Nick Davies & Tanya McNabb at BTIA/BHA booth
In February we were delighted to represent the BTIA at the LA Times Travel Show. It was a 2 day event and was well attended by local Travel Agents and adventure travelers. Many diverse  countries from all over the world were well represented and brought exciting destinations to the public. 
New changes on website !!
Click on image for birding site
Its spring at Banana Bank !!
We have been upgrading our website. You can now translate the site in other languages as well as
observe new photos and updated information.
Birding has become ever more popular at Banana
Bank so we have created a website that includes a check list which features the 243 birds sited and
will be published soon !
     Come explore a whole new riding experience !!!
Full Moon rides are the highlight of many guests stay 
          Horse Camp 2010 - July 5 - 10th  !!
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