Its spring at Banana Bank !!
Banana Bank Lodge May 2009
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Spring's Newborns !!
Banana Bank featured on 3 to 1 Show
NEW !! Agriculture Package
Kitty in Big City
Carolyn Carr finishes portrait
2009 Family Horse Camp !!!
3i Show Garden City, Kansas
First Field Finisher in Belize
This is one happy camper ..... I mean fisherman
Tim Tam from Word at Work is smiling from ear to ear after catching a bay snook from the river and Chico is smiling from ear to ear because he gets to eat fish for dinner !!!
Pictured at top are toucans nesting this time of year. We have spotted at least 8 pairs building their nests around Banana Bank.

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Spring's newborns
 at Banana Bank !
Newborn Baby of Montana and Jet Dream
There have been several newborns during spring at Banana Bank. Pictured above is a colt born of Jet Dream and our stallion Montana. 
Banana Bank featured on local television show
Local TV Show interviews John Carr
John Carr explains to young people about raising beans and corn in Belize. Belize has become a factor overall of import/export to the Caribbean where black-eye peas are concerned even though they are not consumed in Belize. The show was aired locally for residents of Belmopan to enjoy. Click on the picture to see a portion of the show or click here   
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Belize Agriculture & Adventure Package
Package Description
Every morning you will start your day with a delicious Caribbean breakfast of eggs, beans, tropical fruits, fry  jacks or pancakes, fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee or tea.  All the farm tours are personally conducted by the owner  or our qualified guides who know and have been a part ofthe culture and history of Belize and Banana Bank.During river activities you can see birds, iguanas and  monkeys. Our river activities can be fishing with a local  (bring your own pole) boat tour, river tubing or kayaking Our horses are trained as per horse whispering methods.
Learn about the German descent Mennonites, their farming  methods then and now. They produce 90% of the countries dairy and poultry products as well as exportation of grains and beans. Central Farms is a government center where many labs, agriculture school, soil & seed testing are based. During the course of the tour, information and discussions will include : Tropical climate farming with year round 80 degrees plus and 80 inches of rain. Soil  types and how they are managed, maintained and improved. Cattle breeds that are successful in the tropics. Markets both localand export. Niche crops specific to the tropics and the biodiversity of Belize. Farming practices yet emerging from the stone age to mechanization. Land ownership and retirement     
7 days / 6 nights - includes meals
tours, transfers, accommodations
entry fees, guides & taxes
$1305.00 per person (based on   
   double occupancy)
$1050.00 pp - group rate 
For mor information e-mail
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Kitty in Big City
Kitty watching snow
Kitty is observing her first snowfall in NYC!! Who would have thought a Banana Bank kitty would end up in the big city!!  Guests fell in love with her and took her home and named her Koda. 
Carolyn Carr finishes portrait
Final touches on portrait - proceeds donated to Marla's House of Hope
The above portrait was last years winner of the Marla's House of Hope fundraiser. The piece is now finished and recently the children's home did their auction for this year and there was a winner !! Look for updates in future Newsletters !!
Deer at Banana Bank Lodge
Baby deer
Bucky' s story is sad but with a happy ending. Last year Tony found a female fawn lost in the jungle with her front leg partially shot off by a hunter. We rushed her to the vet. The next day Tony comes walking in with another baby deer but fortunately this one was not hurt. We concluded it was the brother as Tony found him in almost the same area wondering alone, weak and hungry. We anticipated the mother must have been hunted so we kept them. The female lived only a few days but Bucky has been with us a year now and for his birthday we expanded his pen. He loves it !!! 

2009 Family Horse Camp !!!
Sign up today !!

2008 Horse Camp participants practice in arenaWe are giving a different format to horse camp this year. We want to focus on family so we have designed it to start on a Friday evening and on thru the weekend. You may arrive anytime after lunch - before dinner to your accommodation and it ends Tuesday morning after breakfast. The three whole days will be fun-filled with horseback riding, swimming, games, instruction, movies and the grand finale will be our famous full moon ride on Monday night concluded with a bonfire and roasting hot dogs and marshmellows. Price is $500.00 + tax for first family member and $300.00 + tax for each additional family member regardless of age. All children 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Children over 11 may attend camp alone with parents/guardian written consent. Price includes all meals, accommodation, activities and horseback riding. Call 820-2020 or e-mail for details

3i Show - Garden City, Kansas
Leisa & Adriel introduce Agriculture Tour to Farmers 

Luke & Matt Jaeger visit Leisa at 3i ShowBanana Bank has never been shy to try new ideas and think outside the box. We set a booth up at the 55th annuel 3i Show in Garden City, Kansas which is about 70 miles from Leoti, Kansas - where the Carr's resided prior to moving to Belize. We have put together a new package which combines tours to some of Belize's prominate agriculture areas, educating travelers about farming in the tropics and at the same time having fun experiencing adventures such as cave tubing, zip-lining, jungle horseback riding and Mayan sites. Our local contact for these tours is Trina & Kirby Kleyman / Diamond K Travel & Cruises in PO Box 582 / 412 Broadway Tribune Kansas. Their phone number is 620-376-2777 e-mail is and website
 Adriel in Banana Bank booth 3i Show
First Field Finisher in Belize
First Field Finisher in Belize
The Sunflower field finisher is a single pass tillage implement that discs, cultivates and finishes the surface of the field in preparation for planting, all in one pass.  The machine is 30 feet wide and without break downs, can cover 200 acres in one day.  It is the only machine of it's kind in Belize, a revolutionary concept in farming for our small country.
Nathan planting corn in May 
This John Deere 12 row planter covers 30 feet at a time enabling the farmer to plant 175 acres a day.  This has several advantages for Belize where the window of time for planting can be very narrow.  This is the only 12 row planter in Belize.  The planter performs 5 operations in one pass that insures that the seed goes into a perfect germination environment.  This includes seed bed preparation, fertilization and pesticide application. 

Riverview Retreat Assisted Living 

 It's important that I care about how much you know,
however, it's important that I know how much you care.
Riverview retreat 
Director - John Carr                                   Manager - Jane Lorenzo

Hands on 24/7 care, dietary and meds specific to resident. 6 persons maximum. Beautiful, peaceful jungle river setting. Alzheimers, Dementia and wheelchair bound patients are accepted.  $1500.00 US per month

E-mail for more imformation today!
Save 30%
Take advantage of Summer Special on accommodations 30% discount !!!
            Standard rooms - double occupancy - $91.00 US + 9% lodging tax
           Jungle Cabanas - double occupancy - $101.50 US + 9% lodging tax
           Chateau Brio Suites - double occupancy - $122.50 + 9% lodging tax
Offer Good thru June 1st to November 30th 2009 - e-mail for reservations !