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Banana Bank

 Eddie Bauer Spring 2009 catalog Jungle Dawn cover
Carolyn Carr - Cover Girl !!
Carolyn Carr applying final touches to Jungle Dawn
2009 can certainly be proclaimed as success for Carolyn when it comes to being on front covers. The well known apparel company Eddie Bauer featured the Jungle Dawn painting on the front cover of their spring 2009 catalog. But it doesn't end there - she also did a brand new painting that is the cover of the 2009 Telephone Directory for BTL. This painting was named "Meh Han Ful" which is Kriol for My Hands are Full.
Below the picture is the story that will be featured on the back of the cover of the phone book and written by Carolyn's grandson Adriel 
Meh Han Ful by Carolyn Carr
 With great fervor, Roseline stirs the pot that contains the future meal of her family, composed (for now) of herself, her son and daughter. However, to keep the little girl from getting into mischief, she holds her up with her strong, thin arms. The little girl watches the steam rise up as the water boils. Roseline reaches for the other ingredients, the carrots and seasonings that go into the soup. Once the broth becomes flavored, Roseline tosses in the cow foot that is the centerpiece of the meal under the suspicions of her young son . She stirs it slowly, sweat building in her brow, her one-room shanty house a wooden hollow. She stops only momentarily both to cool of her burning hand as well as to calm the uneasy, unborn boy in her stomach. She takes a deep breath and proceeds with the task at hand.
The evening slowly goes by as she looks down on the meal she has worked so hard to prepare. She may be alone, but she is certainly not helpless. Smiling and praying a blessing over the meal, Roseline watches contently as the hungry children accept the food without complaint. Giggling a little, her daughter is picked up by her mother and hugged tenderly. Roseline practically dances as she holds up the laughing infant, but is forced to stop when she feels a slight cramp building up along her sides. Her baby boy was also dancing with her, it seemed, and wanted some attention. Roseline sat down on her bed and pointed to her children's own corner.Obediently, the children walk over to the makeshift mattress on the ground and curl up. Roseline got up, holding her stomach up to avoid further pain, and covers up the snoozing children, giving them a goodnight kiss before heading to her own sleeping place in the other corner.

Roseline struggled throughout the day, alone. Her sweat and blood were pooled out as she strove to provide the needs of her babies. She does not regret the mental strain nor the sore muscles that will eventually calm and relax once more. She does not regret, for it is effort well-spent. She gives a wide smile as she watches over the children, happy to have been near them, and lets her pride be shown in the grin she carries for her yet-to-be-born son. They, likewise, watch their mother with high hopes and an innocent, joyful face. The baby gave a slight but energetic kick, making Roseline once again put her hand on her stomach to let him know she is there. All of these small gestures of gratitude ensured that she knows the sacrifice of her daily life was not forgotten or in vain.  

In This Issue
Carolyn Carr - Cover Girl !!
Simbrah - BBL Style !! A new venture - a dream come true
Ruta Maya 2009 !!
Sinbrah calves born at Banana Bank in 2008 
 These are the first ever red Simbrah cattle in Belize that are 1/2 Simatal and 1/2 Brahman  The Simatal is for fast growth and high quality meat.  The Brahman is for heat and parasite resistance. These 16 calves are 10 months old and weigh approx 675 pounds.  They are standing belly high in African Tanzania grass.  This grass increases the carrying capacity of an acre by 3 times or 1 cow per acre.  The calves are out of Brahman mothers and a red Simbrah Bull called Manhattan 
Calf born in 2009
2009 calves are out of Kappes Real Deal . Calves were born in Feb.  So far 25 born and have had no death loss or birthing difficulties.  Everyone is red and polled  (without horns)
Calves born 2009 from Real Deal (corner picture)

Some of the first arrivals of the Ruta Maya Canoe Race 2009 
The race finished in Banana Bank and at the end of the first leg, Belize Bank team came in with the best time of four hours fifty-eight minutes, followed by the Coup Sheet Metal and C.P.B.L. capturing the third place. 
Albert and Avery providing refreshing drinks for Ruta Maya spectators
Campers at Banana Bank for Ruta Maya River Challenge 2009
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