Fight or Flight

                                      The men came across the clearing carrying a writhing corn sack.  It was the kind of scene that you don't walk away from, 2 men carrying a jerking, distorted bag.  Chepe released his grip on the opening and I stood transfixed waiting to see what was inside.  They put the bag on the ground and waited for the movement to stop then very slowly opened the top so I could peer in.  An expulsion of air came out, a great sound like the rushing of wind.  I stepped back without seeing the source.  Peeling the top of the bag back revealed a huge boa and when he emerged to go back to his hole under a giant rain tree, he was more than 12 feet long and a good 6 inches in diameter. The sunlight caught points on the scale prisms flashing blue, purple and turquoise.  An iridescent play of light over the moving form was both fascinating and frightening.  That image was imprinted in my mind.  He raised his head and expanded his mouth to give us that eternal sound of a mighty wind before he disappeared into the jungle.  Overhead chaka lakas, the brown jay jungle sentinels screamed their warning disapproval.
                                 Boas are beautiful and toucans are beautiful.  The encounter that is the subject of this painting is the raw and unfortunate truth of the wild life, the life lived by the rules of the food chain.  Why do such awesome creatures have to come to a point of conflict where there must be a death?
                                 The toucan parents are not going to die.  If they choose, they can easily abandon their stance and take flight leaving the helpless nest to the intruder; nor is the boa going to die.  Only the innocent will die.  At risk here is procreation, the next generation destroyed for the sake of one meal.  The price is so high for the benefit gained. What a waste of such beauty to sacrifice two baby toucans that took commitment and dedication, and can decorate a stressed and troubled world, extracting awe from even the most staid observer to the boa who is a casual albeit ruthless opportunist looking for what ever it might come across, which can survive, at most, three days on this nourishment.   
                                  Oh yes, the toucans can defend their nest.  Their beak is a sword.  Their strike is powerful.  They can pick out the boa's eyes.  They can inflict serious wounds to its neck and head in that its kinetic energy is already expended in gripping the tree trunk.  But will they stay and fight?  Will they face the adversary with courage and determination?  Do they love their young?  Is it true what I have witnessed, that they care for their mates and keep the same mate and nest season to season?
                                  Is it true that we humans enter in senseless conflicts where the price is far too high for the benefit gained?  Are we capable of such serpentine, mindless behavior?  Do we defend what is right and good or do we satisfy our appetites at great and insidious expense.  Do we start wars, destroy homes and derail lives because we are hungry for the delectable, the bright, the beautiful, and the innocent?  If fact, will we sacrifice our very existence?  

Painting and Story by Carolyn Carr - completed May 2008 - available for orders in Giclee soon - email inquiries to
Photo by Kaleh / Magnum - Pic of the Day
Victrie Carr graduated from nursing school

Banana Bank Lodge

May / June 2008 

Victrie Carr - John & Carolyn's youngest daughter, who resides in Maryland graduated on May 17th from nursing school. She intends to continue her career to qualify for nursing in ICU. We are proud of her accomplishment and even more so for being chosen for the Who's Who list from Chesapeake College

Welcome to the May / June 2008 Newsletter

    Egrets following Nathan as he plowsAs usual it has been a BUSY month at Banana Bank !! There are rodeos to organize, crops to plant, buildings to build, animals to care for, events to attend and Newsletters to write but never too busy to to enjoy every minute of it.  Remember any comments or suggestions can be emailed to  (click on photo for video)

NATS 2008 - Annual Rodeo

   Eddie roping at NATS 2008
     This time of year is always full of excitement for the Belmopan area.There is always lots of food, rides, games, bargins and unique products. It is a time to appreciate the local farmers and livestock producers and their input to the Belizean economy. This show usually attracts about 20% of the entire population of Belize between participants and visitors and a fair portion of that look forward to the rodeo. The grandstands were full and all rodeo events were full. The Fuentes family stole the show, Eddie (pictured) roping, Eddie Jr won 1st place in Beginners Barrel Racing ( read interview by Channel 7 ) and Soila Fuentes - 5 years old - was the youngest to participate in this years exciting event.
Jose Pinelo, Cesar Xi and Sherman Fuentes also participated.
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National Agriculture & Trade Show 2008
Wedding Bells Ring Again at Banana Bank
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What's cooking ?? Many ask what our kitchen staff do in their spare time - featuring Silvia & Irma firsthands
Tikatoo enjoys her pool
 Tikatoo LOVES her new pool
Wedding Bells ring again in the jungle - perfect natural setting for the occasion
May wedding at Banana Bank Beautiful Wedding cake - Kudos to Cheryl Stirm
Congratulations Dennis and Lorena !!! Another couple ties the knot at Banana Bank !! Wedding bells rang May 3rd and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. The bride was beautiful, the groom nervous, and the guests hungry !! The ceremony was held at church in Roaring Creek and then all came to Banana Bank for the reception.
The Most Popular tour for season 2007 / 2008 is .............. Zip-Lining !!!!!!!  Here is Sundee Carr and William Carr enjoying the challenge ..... We wouldn't recommend anything we wouldn't try ourselves !!
Sundee Carr zipping through the canopyWill Carr - John & Carolyn's grandson zipping after Sundee
Normally we always like to end our Newsletter on a positive note but unfortunately we do have some sad news this month. Our old Green House known as "Headquarters" or "The Clubhouse" and which once upon a time was a train station in Gallon Jug transported to Banana Bank in 1910 to be the residence for the manager of Belize Estates, burnt down on May 14th. John and Patricia Shaw, former owners of Banana Bank and the Carr Family also resided in this house. Clubhouse burned May 14, 2008
Presently this was the house that Eddie Fuentes and his family were living in and yes, they lost every single shred of their belongings. The cause of the fire is unknown but we are just
extremely grateful that no one was hurt. Eddie and his family
would like to extend their sincerest thanks to many who have
shown great concern and compassion at his loss especially to
Rick and Kara, James and Lorrie, Terry and Wendy, Shelly,
Nathan, Mr. and Mrs. Penner and others who have provided
in his hour of need. We will truly miss this landmark that has been part of Banana Bank for almost 100 years....... 
Pool Fun - Little Angels 
Our $10 Deal has been a local hit for these summer months. Many schools have taken advantage of the $10 Deal for field trips and families are enjoying an affordable option for family entertainment. In the picture are Lil' Angels Pre-School from San Pedro. San Pedro Pre-School also came to Banana Bank for horseback riding, lunch and pool. Thank you all for coming !!
(click on picture to hear jingle Rony and Leisa did for the $10 Deal)
$10 Deal will run until Nov 30th - Promotion for locals & residents only 
 Ask about Horse Camp 2008 from June 30th to July 5th !!!