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Banana Bank Lodge
April 2008
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Equitrekking in Belize !!!
La Ruta Maya 2008 !!!
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                          Read Press ReleaseGPC Womens Week                        
Women's Week was the occasion for an exhibition of  various art pieces done by women artists in Belize.  The exhibition, which was held at the George Price Center for Peace and Development in Belmopan, was sponsored by the American Embassy and hosted by Ambassador and Mrs. Robert J. Dieter.  Here Carolyn Carr, the Ambassador and Mrs. Dieter are standing in front of Carolyn's piece entitled "Backside".  You may get a closer look at this painting by going on to her website and click on "New Release".  The story of the painting is also written there........
......and the apple (or mango if we want to be tropical) certainly does not fall far from the promised from our February 2008 issue the finished mural by Giovanni Paolo Cenna Carr - Carolyn Carr's grandson. The mural is 8 x 14 and will be featured in our new building. If you may notice, he combined 4 Carolyn Carr paintings. Maya Flight, Xunantunich, Something for Nothing and Hidden Valley Falls.....
Paolo finished mural 
......Carolyn and Giovanni went to exhibit at the 5th Annual Sidewalk Arts Festival on February 9th & 10th.They were graciously invited by Placencia Peninsula Arts Association and enjoyed connecting with all the local artists. In my effort of trying to find information and pictures of the event I came across a wonderful blog which is kept by my friend Fiona MacFarlane. Fiona and I worked together managing Luba Hati in 2002 and it was a delight for me to know she is still Picturing Life in Placencia.
Equitrekking in Belize and Featuring Banana Bank !!!!! 
Darley, John Carr riding up Belize River 
Darley Newman, Chip Ward and their very talented cameraman Greg visited Banana Bank this month while gathering material for their next season of the popular TV show featured on PBS called Equitrekking. Darley told us her story. After working long and hard for various successful TV shows such as Frontline and 48 Hours she stopped and asked herself "What are the two things I love most....mmmmm..... horses and travel!!!"  So Darley combined the two and started her show which now has 90% national coverage
Darley talking with Albert
Albert guided Darley and her team through the jungles of Banana Bank and told them of Belize's jungle wonders.  Greg was delighted by our food and I must quote him here "this is some of the best food I have had on all our work sites !! "
I promised to send him Irma's
spaghetti sauce recipe !!
Funny thing ..... there are
two things we love too ....
 horses and ...... HORSES !!!
11th Annual Ruta Maya Challenge 2008
           Carlos Avery & Albert at Ruta Maya RaceCanoers arriving
Banana Bank once again was the finish line for the 1st day of paddling on the Belize River for the Ruta Maya Canoe Race. This year there were 90 canoes that initiated the race early morning in San Ignacio and reached the sandy bay at Banana Bank before noon. The first canoe to arrive was CPBL - Caribbean Pride (who were the winners in the end too) The second place arrival to Banana Bank was Belize Bank, third place was BNE Cruise Brothers followed by Atlantic Bank and Regan International. Video was filmed by Carolyn Carr and narrated by John Carr.
                         STELLA MARIS SCHOOL horseback riding at BANANA BANK
Stella Maris horse rideStella Maris Bus

There are limited training and placement programs for people with disabilities in Belize. The Stella Maris School for the Disabled offers some skills training in areas such as home economics and wood working for school aged children and youth. The last two censuses, in 1991 and 2000, both included a question on disability. The censuses identified a total of 12,431 (6.5%) persons with disabilities in 1991, and 13,774 (5.7%) persons with disabilities in 2000. These children were able to come to Banana Bank for a day of horseback riding and fun. Therapy riding is a horizon we at Banana Bank hope to explore more of in the future.
Sundee featured in the San Pedro SunSundee Carr, daughter of John and Carolyn Carr (owners of Banana Bank Lodge) took this photo outside her workplace in
Missoula, MT
. It was about 10 degrees fahrenheit.
Kudos to
San Pedro Sun
Visitor Guide
for the great article on
Bank Lodge
(March 1
st, 2007)!
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