A Place Far from
Banana Bank Lodge Newsletter

February 2008                         From the "BananaVine" 

In This Issue
Banana Bank Lodge staff went to Tobacco Caye for annual outing
Just Horsing around Banana Bank
Banana Bank Lodge has a new e-mail address bbl@bananabank.com
Chateau Brio Garden & Pond (has Gold Fish too !!!)
A Place Far from

Awwwwwwww  how cute can you get anyway ??? Tikatoo poses for the camera. She is so playfull !! Special thanks to Monica LaBounty for the picture. There is a tire hanging in her area and every single afternoon she plays with it.   We will try to get a video of that for our next Newsletter but in the meantime here is a cute video Carolyn took one lazy afternoon.
Snorkeling at Tobacco Caye
A Place Far from
Tobacco Caye Outing
In appreciation to our Banana Bank staff and a token to say "JOB WELL DONE"
we aventured our landlovers to new horizons.
Tobacco Caye Lodge 
& Restaurant were our hosts. BTW a special thanks to Tanya who did a great job making the day perfect. Carlos, Albert, Avery & Tony enjoyed fishing while Josephine, Isaias, Sonia, Elvira, Macario, Leisa, Giovanni, Pedro, Anthony, Gustavo, and Jaime swam and snorkeled to their hearts content. Carolyn, Linda, Chico, Efren and Vennacio chose to relax on the beach.
Is it a jaguar ? Is it a bird ?
Where is it located ?
Who is the artist ?

Giovanni Paolo Cenna Carr painting a mural
Sorry.......you have to wait for the next Newsletter to find out ....through
the Bananavine : )
We have a new
e-mail address
Don't worry, we are getting the emails you send to

How about....

You scratch my back
you scratch my back
and I'll scratch yours !!
Banana Bank cattle and egrets
Early morning fog lifts and promises of another perfect day for the cattle and egrets roaming in the lush pastures. Banana Bank has 80 head of cattle of which some are Simbrah (5/8 Simmental and 3/8 Brahman) Some of them were imported from Mexico after John and Leisa drove to Tizimen. 
Hello to Albert & Brenda !!. We ate some of the best mole and Alberto's home-made beans were the best !! 
Our guest are always "horsing around"
Guest from LA and Washington just horsing around with John.

A new corner

of Paradise

Beautiful new Rock Garden & Fish Pond
Jaime Linares - our gardener has really demonstrated his talent. He has created (with of course the Carolyn Carr touch) a corner of Paradise near our Chateau Brio. He has also grown an enormous vine of
We serve cho cho often for meals and
guest are always curious to what it is.
Jaime showing cho cho 

**Special Thanks to** 

for choosing the 
Tikatoo picure of our
December Newsletter
JAN 1st 2008

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Today - February 7th are elections in Belize. Following are thoughts written by John Carr inspired by the interesting times we live in.

Positive Political  Legacy
Definition  - When a political leader leaves a flaming and passionate remembrance of his achievements
for generations to come. Consistency usually has a spiritual link.
1. By helping to cause people at all levels , regardless of culture , economic status , political affiliation , race or gender - 
    to own property , have employment and in the end a justifiable standard of living in the following
          A. Economic  opportunities.  
          B. Educational opportunities from kindergarten through a doctorate .
          C. Health care for the wealthy and the poor.
          D. Freedom to speak , do , dream and create .
          E. Freedom from the fear of despots and criminals.
2. By leading a nation in a check and balance system , transparency and sustainable governance for all the people .
    This demand includes fair and rapid justice and fair punishment for law breakers.
3. By causing other countries and world leaders to look upon ones fair and humanitarian records with envy and respect
    for decades and centuries to come.
John Carr - February 2008