[New Year's Day at SouthField]


Not too many hours left in 2011. Hope you enjoy your celebration this evening.

Tomorrow we get to start the year together, and we're going to have fun!

Here are some important details:

** One service at 11:00. (Let the kids stay up late, they can sleep in!)

** Meeting at the WareHouse (24238 Northern Illinois Drive).
** Turn off Route 6 onto on either Northern Illinois or Municipal Drive. 
Like landmarks? Turn at Feed Loft.
Follow the signs, can't miss us! 

** We'll have bagels from Panera, great coffee and hot cocoa.

** We're assembling homeless packs as part of the service.
** Bring your homeless pack items. We already have a great start!

** Some of our friends are getting baptized! Woohoo!

You did great last Sunday finding parking! It's the same drill this week. If you can, park around the back or side of the building, leaving front spots for families with little kids to herd and Southfielders who have a tougher time getting around as well as our guest.
Can't wait to start out the year with you!
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