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The North Shore WIB is pleased to announce that 6th Congressional District Congressman John Tierney has filed the Workforce Investment Act of 2012, taking a leadership role in modernizing our current workforce system to better serve job seekers and companies in the complex world of economic recovery.


The Workforce Investment Act of 2012 streamlines programs by, for example, easing access to training designed around critical career pathways within the regional labor market. It ensures accountability by clarifying performance goals and publicizing actual performance so companies and job seekers had adequate information, and promotes innovation by establishing a Workforce Innovation Fund which competitively distributes funding for new and promising practice implementation.


The Act also more fully supports our system for Adult Education, which provides academic support to individuals so they can move into training and up career ladders to economic self-sufficiency.


In addition, the Act support Youth workforce development by expanding summer employment and school year internships, easing eligibility criteria, and more fully supporting out of school youth to the age of 24.


Finally, the Act confirms the importance of local, business-led Workforce Investment Boards in overseeing planning and service delivery within regions. WIBs will continue to be appointed by Chief Elected Officials within regions, and include a majority business representation along with education, community organization, economic development, organized labor, and other civic leaders. The role of WIBs will be strengthened to stimulate the development of new and creative workforce initiatives and a larger role in the development of state workforce plans.

The North Shore WIB urges our partners to view Congressman Tierney's announcement and a summary of the legislation on the his website. This information is also on our website at Your thoughts and advice are welcomed - please let us know what you think! And please thank Congressman Tierney for his on-going support for this very important effort at a crucial time in our economic history.

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