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HQ Staff Update




Bianca Fazzina (Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers University) was hired as our Administrative Assistant. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology.



Kelley Maxwell (Gamma Gamma Chapter at Clarion University) was hired as our Finance Assistant - Accounts Payable. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mass Media Arts, Journalism and Communications Studies.


Megan Beste (Iota Iota Chapter at Grand Valley State University) was hired as a field consultant and will be stationed at the University of Delaware. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Psychology.


Jillian Gansert (Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers University) was hired as a field consultant and will be stationed at the University of Delaware. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biology and Psychology.


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Congratulations to our last issue's winner: Rachel King (Iota Zeta at University of Minnesota - Duluth)


All those who complete this month's word search puzzle correctly and within the timeframe will be entered into a drawing for a special Phi Sigma Sigma prize!


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Dear Sisters,

This is a very exciting time for Phi Sigma Sigma. Not only are we preparing to celebrate our Centennial, but we are working together to advance the Fraternity and ensure its perpetuity well into our second hundred years. This spring, I shared with you Supreme Council's focus on advancing our member development programming and enhancing the ritual. I am so pleased to share an update on where we are with both projects. Read more>

2011-2012 Award Winners Announced

Phi Sigma Sigma is proud to announce this years award recipients


Phi Sig awardsEach year, Phi Sigma Sigma recognizes the outstanding achievements, passion and positive impact of our members and chapters. The Awards and Standards Committee and the Chapter Excellence Committee spent a great deal of time reviewing and deliberating on the 2011-2012 award nominations. Supreme Council approved the recommendations and is thrilled to announce this year's winners! Click here to view all the recipients. Congratulations to our amazing sisters!   


Scholarship Winners Announced

Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation announces this year's scholarship recipients


The generosity of sisters, collegiate and alumnae chapters and friends has enabled the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation to maintain a strong scholarship and need-based educational grant program. Scholarships and educational grants are awarded to deserving collegiate and graduate members to encourage sisters to continue aiming high. Click here to see the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation scholarship and grant recipients.


What is Sorority?

Written by Arleen Weiss (Nu Chapter at The University of Pennsylvania),

original article from the 1957 issue of The SPHINX magazine


S - stands for the sisters to whom we are bound in fraternal sincerity, it stands for

      the striving to achieve our aims of high scholarship and generous fellowship.
O - stands for organization - our purpose of working together as a close-knit

      group, and through our interaction to attain our goals, and our ambitions. 

R - stands for the respect we strive to have for others, not only for other fraternal

      organizations, but for less fortune fellowmen.
O - stands for the opportunity of meeting people with

      similar interests, learning how to get along with

      them and offering whatever we can of ourselves.
R - stands for responsibility - for the rights of others to

      learn to respect and the realization that we have to

      live up to the expectations of our sisters.
I -  stands for the interest we learn to cultivate - the

      ideals on which we were founded, and which are

      our heritage to uphold and pass down.
T - stands for the time we have devoted and shall

      devote to our organization.
Y - stands for the years of pleasant memories we will

      have of making ourselves into the women that others may hold as a shining

      example, and proudly point to as Phi Sigs!

Unprecedented Support Thanks to Our Generous Donors
Foundation appreciates the continued support of our members


The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation was able to award 44 scholarships and need-based educational grants totaling $85,350 to our most deserving collegians and alumnae sisters.


Appreciation and gratitude expressed by one of the recipients:


"This educational grant means opportunity. It means I don't have to stress about having enough money to buy all my textbooks for the next semester. It means I can more easily support my older sister back home in returning to school. Phi Sigma Sigma has given me the confidence that I need to keep going and the emotional support from my sisters is more than uplifting. The financial help is truly a blessing." - Rachel Aguirre (Beta Upsilon Chapter at American University).

Tatyana McFadden (Theta Chapter at University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign), shown to the left, will be competing in the 2012 Paralympics in London Aug 29 - Sept 9. We wish her the best of luck!
Andrea Kremer (Nu Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania) was one of the NBC's sports broadcasters during the 2012 London Olympics.

Beverly Kennedy (Delta Kappa Chapter at Florida International University) was elected the new clerk of the circuit court for Broward County beginning Jan 2013.

Do you have news you want to share with Phi Sigma Sigma? Headquarters is always looking for updates on our collegiate and alumnae chapters and members.



Note: please be as specific as possible!  Make sure to include the who, what, when, where, why and any contact information.