Savvy march 2012
An eNewsletter for chapter leaders, advisors and volunteers of Phi Sigma Sigma
March 2012
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Website Savvy
Manage Your Finances
Safety First
What's Your Status?

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Awards & Honors

Nominate the achievements of your chapter and individual sisters (even yourself)!

Scholarship Application

Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation is now accepting scholarship and grant applications!

UIFI Application

The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation is accepting UIFI scholarship applications.  To apply contact the Foundation.

Mark Your Calendar

March 1   CRA deposit due

March 1   Foundation donation

March 5   Badge Day

March 30  UIFI application due

April 1      Budget due
April 1      Fall recruitment plan

April 1      Awards nominations

April 10    Scholarship 
                  application deadline
April 15    UniLOA survey due

*See CE program guide for all other chapter deadlines


Join us in welcoming back Phi Sig Savvy! Savvy is the Fraternity's eNewsletter that is completely dedicated to assisting you to be the best leader you can be!


With spring right around the corner, you probably cannot wait to get outside again, enjoy the fresh air and catch some rays all while hanging out with great friends! After all, spring is when we make some of our best college memories.


Still, we've all heard of stories of spring fever where usually smart college students take silly risks with sad, often life-changing results.


Just remember: No matter what the occasion, Phi Sigs always know how to have the MOST fun while being responsible for themselves, their sisters, their campuses and even their communities. It's the Phi Sig Savvy way to ensure you continue achieving even greater success in college and life!


In this edition of Savvy, we take you back to basics, so to speak. Whether you are new to your position or have been around for a while, we will provide you with a refresher on some of the important topics in Phi Sigma Sigma. At the same time, Savvy provides you with a reminder of important dates, great ways to highlight you and your chapter's achievements, as well as new and exciting things going on within Phi Sigma Sigma.


On a staffing note, please join me in thanking two of our membership managers who are leaving staff to pursue new personal and professional opportunities.  In two weeks, Cat Udell will be moving back to the Richmond, Va. area to continue pursuing her master's degree.  Later this semester, Stephanie Scott will be relocating to the Lexington, Ky. area. We wish both of them the the best of luck and sincerely thank them for all their hard work and dedication during their time with Phi Sigma Sigma Headquarters! Diokete Hupsala!



Executive Director, Phi Sigma Sigma

Extreme Website Makeover! 

A new website with new features and a new design


Phi Sigma Sigma is thrilled  to introduce its new and improved website!  The website offers simpler access to the information and services Phi Sigma Sigma offers its members.  The site's search engine has been upgraded to help you locate information quickly and easily!

Give Your Chapter Excellence a Boost

Phi Sigma Sigma encourages all chapters to Aim High with CE


A few years ago Phi Sigma Sigma went completely paperless by creating an online chapter standards program. It allows chapters to complete all chapter and individual member requirements within the Phi Sig website. Also, it allows women to upload multiple items online to further explain an event on its Event Verification Form (EVF). Read more>

Money Matters

Phi Sigma Sigma offers the best ways to manager your finances!


Budget tips
$ Gather the chapter's finance committee- when the bursar, vice archon and MAL meet be sure to evaluate last year's budget and the proposed budget. The committee will also assess budget requests.
$ Compare last year's budget to this year's projected budget- note where money was not used or, in some cases, what budgets overspent
$ Consult committe chairmen- have each chairman submit a detailed budget request (be sure to have each one explain why she is requesting that amount)
$ Consider all-inclusive dues- compare your dream budget (including the out of pocket $5 here and there) to your actual budget. You will find the two are relatively the same. Why not add the extras into the budget?
$ Be sure to incorporate all international fees- see below for details
$ Compare chapter's budget to other Greek organization budgets


Reminder- chapter budgets for the 2012-2013 academic year must be entered into Billhighway by April 1, 2012. 
Dues increase
Phi Sigma Sigma has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years and is committed to maintaining this growth while continuing to expand services and programs. While Supreme Council has worked to be good stewards of the Fraternity's finances and has kept dues and fees flat since 2008, the Fraternity now needs additional financial resources in order to continue its momentum. A dues and fees increase will be effective July 1, 2012. Click here for more information.
CRA 101
Chapter Reserve Account (CRA) is money set a side or "reserved" for items to be purchased that will provide an on-going benefit to the chapter.  Money held in reserve is based on the collegiate chapter's annual deposit. The primary use of this fund is for housing-related needs.  Click here for directions on how to submit request, as well as examples of what the CRA can be used for.
Safety First
Tips to a safe and fun event
With your knockout dress and a rockin' date to match, you are sooo ready for this year's formal!

Now, take a moment as one of Phi Sig's VIP chapter leaders to ensure your Sapphire Ball (or any other "spring fling/formal" you've got planned) meets the Phi Sig Savvy challenge.

Take our 2-minute quiz to find out - and learn whether any of Phi Sigma Sigma's easy tips and guidelines can help your chapter enjoy the most fun with the least risk. Read more> 

What's Your Status?

A brief description of each status 


Chapter status- each sister on this status must meet the minimum standards of sisterhood. All other parameters are at the discretion of each individual chapter.

Limited status- each sister on this status must pay Fraternity dues and fulfill at CE requirements. Approval for limited status is granted only by Headquarters.

Alumna status- each sister on this status must be in good standing, which includes financial and academic standing.  See article three, section five of the International Constitution for the requirements for this status.