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ΦΣΣ: Committed to building an even better you! | HQ's monthly message 
Smiling in fallEVERY DAY HERE AT HQ, we ask ourselves this question:
In what new, exciting ways can we fulfill our sorority's mission to provide you with outstanding opportunities to grow, learn, thrive and succeed in life?

YOU are the focus and the driving force behind Phi Sig's future - which is why we've dedicated this entire issue to stories that will inform and inspire you to aim even higher!

For those of you who want to WOW prospective employers while contributing to Phi Sig's success, you'll learn more about how to apply for the grand archon's new collegiate advisory board. ALSO: Enjoy part 2 of our in-depth feature on the top 20 tips that can take your chapter from good to GREAT!

Do you have any tips for us - or suggestions on ways we can serve you even better? Drop us a line anytime. We always value hearing from you! Diokete Hupsala!
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Michelle Ardern, Executive Director

'Good To GREAT'! (Part 2)
Achieving chapter stardom

10 more tips (for a total of 20!) that can jump-start success on your campus
Good to Great, part 2You and your sisters kicked off the year in style. Keep that momentum going with 10 more proven techniques Phi Sig's top chapters have used to transform themselves into campus leaders!

It's the final installment of our special 2-part series designed to give you 20 great ideas you can use starting today! Read more >

BONUS: In case you missed them before, check out the first 10 tips here.
The 1913 Chapter Challenge
Celebrate our Founders' Day!

Chapter Challenge 2009Phi Sig sisters: Are you ready to participate in our first-ever CHAPTER CHALLENGE?

Contribute just $19.13 to Foundation between now and Nov. 26, and you and your chapter can earn one of two distinctions at the 2010 Leadership Conferences: 1) overall gift by chapter sisters and 2) percentage of sisters participating.

Why join the challenge?
Why not! :-) A gift this affordable is a great way to connect on a personal level with the amazing work our Foundation does and lets you say: "I'm proud to be a Phi Sig!"

What does it benefit?
Many worthy causes - including scholarships and grants for collegians, and our high-profile sponsorship of the U.S. Transplant Games.

my phi sig |Claim Your Free Profile

Social Networking

HEY, SISTERS! Have you updated your Phi Sig social networking profile page? If not, log into My Phi Sig (the secure section of our Web site), upload a photo and tell us a little about yourself today.

TIP: Connect with alumnae leaders and outstanding collegians you read about in Connections or meet in real life - and explore all the free features associated with your profile (including Phi Sig blogs!)

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Contact our
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my npc | Bring NPC To You!

Consulting Team offers guidance, expertise to College Panhellenics
NPCEver wish you could learn best practices directly from the NPC itself?

Guess what: You actually can.

Talk to your College Panhellenic sisters about bringing an NPC Consulting Team to campus. Read more >
tiptop tip | Faculty Advisors
Does your chapter have a faculty advisor? If yes, are you making the best use of that person? If not, here's the primary reason you'll want one:

Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors give top Phi Sig chapters a campus-based advocate they can rely on:

  • Need help identifying programs and scholarships you can share with your sisters? Faculty advisors often have the inside scoop.
  • Want help getting even better study tips to raise your collective or individual GPAs? Faculty advisors are a great place to start.
Connect (or reconnect) with a faculty advisor today. Need help? Contact HQ.

Got a "tiptop tip" to share? Write us at
rumor mill | Pantyhose A Must?
Q: Are pantyhose required to attend chapter meetings? We aren't sure!
Ritual MeetingsA: The answer (many of you will be pleased to learn) is that pantyhose are, in fact, NOT required by the Fraternity for formal (officially called "ritual") chapter meetings.

According to Fraternity guidelines, the following "pin attire" dress code applies to ritual meetings and ceremonies: "skirts, dresses or dress pants (no jeans or shorts)." Yup... no pantyhose.

HOWEVER: Some chapters have even more specific policies for their meeting dress codes that DO require pantyhose, so consult your constitution and bylaws. Further, pantyhose are required whenever the chapter initiates new members. Everyone at initiation should be wearing them. Finally, they may also be required at special events, such as Plenary. Consult HQ with questions.
recruiting | 'C' Is For Casual

Continuous Recruitment (CR) is as
easy as making new friends - really!

Continuous RecruitmentDo your CR events sometimes feel like extra work? (Gasp! Say it ain't so!)

Well... if so, you'll want to explore these simple, casual strategies for making the most of your extended campus network to recruit great women to join your chapter. Log into our secure site to read more >

news & views| 3 Quick Picks For You!


Based on your feedback, we've streamlined Phi Sig's communities! Your current membership managers will remain the same for now. Meanwhile, here are your new community leaders:
Community Archon 1 (formerly 1 & 4)
▪ Community Archon 2 (formerly 2 & 3)
▪ Community Archon 3 (formerly 5)
▪ Community Archon 4 (formerly 6)
▪ Community Archon 5 (formerly 7 & 8)
▪ Community Archon 6 (formerly 9)
- Consult HQ (search underway) 


There's still time to apply for an exclusive seat on the grand archon's new COLLEGIATE ADVISORY BOARD, where sisters internationally will be asked from time to time to share their invaluable insights with our new GA Pamela Downey!

Alumnae volunteers and savvy collegians: Keep an eye out for exciting details about Foundation's new GOLD PROGRAM - an initiative designed to advance our beloved sorority by appealing to the love and loyalty of recent college grads.... Watch for more in the next issue of Connections, and contact new GOLD Program Development Officer Missy Ricketts with any questions!

Dates & Deadlines

dates & deadlines | DUE ASAP
  • NOV. 5 - JOIN THE PHI SIG CHAT with GA Pamela Downey. Check your e-mail for times and call-in instructions.
  • Now past due: Reports from archon, vice archon, Fraternity dues and Convention tax, recruitment plan and wish list, and marketing plan (Nov. 1)
    Consult your Chapter Excellence Program Guide, pages 27-29.
  • Finance committee minutes
  • Standards board minutes (2 sets)
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nov. 15  |
  • Chapter tax information
    - Contact HQ for assistance.
  • GA's collegiate advisory board
    - Click here for application.

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save the date |2010 LCs
Watch for more information soon!
  • January 29-30
  • February 5-7
  • March 5-7