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:: go from good to GREAT!
:: rumor mill: is this hazing?
:: free chapter web sites for everyone (seriously!)
:: 3 cool things to do & know
:: using volunteer service to recruit the best women
:: dates & deadlines
Kick off the year right - the Phi Sig Savvy way! | HQ's monthly message 
 Welcome back 2009!
Welcome back to campus! If you're like most
Phi Sigs, you're excited to kick off the new academic year with your amazing sisters!

That's why this issue focuses on key ways you can work together with your advisors to make the most of Phi Sig's many resources and opportunities to take that next step - and become even more successful.

You've no doubt noticed how hard we worked this summer preparing for your return.... Not only did we launch two high-profile fan pages on Facebook for the Fraternity and our Foundation (join them today!), you'll learn below about the new, cost-free Web pages we've reserved just for your chapter (with the cutest customized designs - wait until you see!).

Enjoy this issue (especially the top 20 ways you can go from "good to great"), and remember we always love hearing your success stories - so contact us anytime!
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Michelle Ardern, Executive Director
From 'Good To GREAT'!
20 tips to chapter stardom

Looking to jump-start your success? Try any of these easy tips - and soar!
Top Phi Sig ChaptersAre you ready to build an even better chapter?

We're sharing 20 (yes 20!) easy ways that top chapters excel not just on their campuses - in everything from recruitment to service - but within Phi Sig too!

Read the first 10 tips this month - and look for part 2 in October to keep the ball rolling! Read more >

BONUS: Learn about Phi Sig's "new and improved," completely paperless Chapter Excellence program - and why you'll it! (Note: Log in required.)
rumor mill | Is This Hazing?
Q: Is it true that asking new members to "interview" sisters is considered a form of hazing? If so, why?
Is This Hazing?A: As with many outdated sorority traditions, one-sided interviews - where a new member (NM) has to research and even memorize facts about every chapter sister - IS considered hazing.

The reason is simple:
If the action is not reciprocated or performed by everyone in the chapter, and it doesn't promote our core values in some way, then it unfairly burdens NMs. That's not what membership in Phi Sig is about.

Here are a few other red flags that can indicate your chapter may need to review and update old traditions:
  • requiring NMs to wear a uniform, or something other than Fraternity pins
  • scavenger hunts of any kind
  • finding (i.e., lifting, taking) bricks or signs to paint and display
  • "line ups" that subject NMs to any physical or verbal discomfort
  • sleep or food deprivation
  • activities that negatively impact academic performance, and
  • anything threatening the health and well-being of the women.
HQ is committed to helping you create a meaningful sisterhood development experience for NMs! We can work with you to find even better, more current traditions that welcome new sisters, strengthening your chapter as a result.
Read our policies.

Contact your advisor or membership manager for confidential guidance. To report hazing concerns at your campus that might also impact your chapter, call our 24/7 hotline: 410-440-7232.
meet & greet | Know Your HQ Staff

We're pleased to introduce four new staff who are helping us Aim High!

Amanda TurfanDirector of Chapter Services AMANDA TURFAN graduated from our Gamma Tau Chapter at Northern Kentucky University in 2007 (where she ultimately become Panhellenic president), and went on to Ball State to earn her master's in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education this year. Amanda brings a wealth of recruitment, interfraternal and volunteer experience to her new role.

Ashley HamzeieMembership Manager ASHLEY HAMZEIE comes to us from Western Illinois University, home of our Epsilon Psi Chapter, where she earned her bachelor's in sociology. Ashley's participation in chapter and campus activities culminated in this 2-year MRC being named "Sister of the Year," as well as a runner-up for "Chapter Member of the Year" at WIU.

Cassie FlanaganField Consultant CASSIE FLANAGAN is a recent graduate of Temple University, where she studied international business and economics and was actively involved in our award-winning Xi Chapter. She has been assigned to work with senior Field Consultant LaNette Sloan in our efforts to recolonize the Gamma Nu Chapter at Rutgers-New Brunswick this year.

Julie West

Field Consultant/
Pi House Director
recently graduated with an accounting degree from Loyola University, home to our Zeta Tau Chapter, where she served as archon and bursar.

my npc | Sorority 101 for Parents

NPC's blog shares info with moms, dads about 'real' sorority life
Sorority ParentsWhen you talk about sororities to your parents, is it "Greek" to them - literally? If so, consider pointing them to NPC's new, informative blog:

There, they'll find real-life stories and advice from supportive parents who tackle questions about everything from recruitment to combatting stereotypes. Check it out today!

my phi sig | Chapter Web Sites

New Phi Sig Web Sites!

CAN YOU SAY 'WOW'?!? Every Phi Sig chapter now has a FREE, professionally designed and branded Web site to use - starting today!

Upload photos, write your own copy, post the latest news and recruitment successes in real time - all with the click of a few buttons. It's that easy!

Download your exclusive resource guide by clicking here - and take advantage of this high-tech, high-profile way to promote your outstanding chapter and sisters!

act now | Stuff To Do & Know

Act Now Items


Want to share your opinions about ways that Phi Sig can serve collegians even better? Apply now for a seat on the new Grand Archon's Collegiate Advisory Board by writing a brief essay describing why you're qualified and what you have to offer. A minimum of one page is recommended - but you're encouraged to add your Phi Sig flair and creativity!
Deadline is Oct. 1.


Did you know our constitution & bylaws were updated at Convention 2009? Get the latest copy here. (Note, you'll need to log into My Phi Sig.) One major change that impacts you: "Judicial Board" is now officially known as "Standards Board" - so please make changes accordingly in your chapter constitution!
BONUS: Looking to revamp your constitution from top to bottom?
Find a model constitution here.

Got a sec? We're competing for a major social networking and Web award based on our total online transformation in the past year! Help us compete today by visiting this site - then rate us highest by clicking on the right-most star! We're aiming higher for you!

recruiting | Philanthropy Day

Make an impression AND a difference with these ideas from Foundation...

Philanthropic RecruitmentThis year, take advantage of your generation's deep commitment to helping others by incorporating philanthropy into your recruitment plans.

Find great ideas here - and win the best women on campus with meaningful, creative events that let your Phi Sig spirit shine through!

Log into My Phi Sig, and click this link for more info:
Philanthropic Recruitment Information

Dates & Deadlines

dates & deadlines | DUE ASAP
  • Now past due: Reports from archon, vice archon (Sept. 1)
  • BURSARS: Remember to "activate" billing for members in Billhighway once you've set up invoicing! That's the only way your members will actually get billed. Contact your membership manager with questions.
  • Finance Committee Minutes
  • Standards Board Minutes (2 sets)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
october 1  | FOR EVERY SISTER

All members are required to update their information on My Phi Sig under the "Individual Functions" section:
  • Graduation year verification
  • Policy acknowledgement using our convenient, online form
  • Spring grades
  • Campus activities & honors entered

Consult your Chapter Excellence Program Guide, pages 25-27, for detailed information:
  • Chapter roster verification
  • Officer transition and training
  • Archon report
  • Vice archon report
  • Committee assignments
  • Standards Board procedures
  • Constitution and policies (see "Act Now" section above about required language changes), plus minutes documenting chapter vote to accept changes
  • Housing policies (if applicable)
  • NPC - Sorority statistics
  • NPC - Campus notes
  • Scholarship improvement program

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~

worth noting |COMING SOON
tiptop tip | Be wise this fall when it comes to your health and safety...
Two quick reminders to help you stay healthy and happy this term:
  1. Attention!Be sure to program Phi Sig's emergency, 24-hour number into your cell (why not pause and do it now?) - and don't be afraid to use it: 410-440-7232. We're always here to help in a crisis situation. Click here to learn more about this important service.

  2. H1N1 flu virus (also know as SWINE FLU) is on the rise dramatically on campuses across North America, according to recent news reports. Remember to wash your hands often - and if you're feeling sick, get treatment and STAY HOME. Read more here - and consider sharing ways to avoid the flu at an upcoming meeting!
Got a "tiptop tip" to share? Write us at