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An eNewsletter for chapter leaders, advisors and volunteers of Phi Sigma Sigma                                 March 2009

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:: the 411 on handling a crisis
:: max out your phi sig potential!
:: woo hoo! scholarships galore
:: are frat exams required?
:: new, easy way to pay fees
:: deadlines & dates
Welcome to Savvy!
Michelle at SHUWelcome to the first edition of Phi Sig Savvy - your exclusive new online resource to help chapter leaders, advisors and other volunteers create the very best chapters and a truly outstanding Phi Sigma Sigma experience for every sister!
We designed Savvy in response to your requests for even more guidance, fabulous ideas, online resources and more. We care about your success and, as always, we're committed to doing all we can to help you aspire, act and achieve!
 Michelle - first name signature
Michelle Ardern, Executive Director
Shown above with new Field Consultants Kelly Pageau (left) and LaNette Sloan (right); see their intro profiles below!
The Right Way to
Handle a Crisis Situation

There's immediate help and support for chapters, IF you know what to do
100 by 100No one wants to think about worst-case scenarios, right? But when a crisis hits - and remember, it can happen to the best of chapters - it helps to know the 411 on what to do, who to contact and how Phi Sigma Sigma can help.
No matter how big the problem may seem, there's a solution - and together, we can find it.  Read more >
How can you max out your chapter's potential?

Delta Psi - parents weekend

At LCs, you learned great recruitment focuses on quality of new members more than quantity. So how can you help your chapter achieve Maximum Recruitment Potential (MRP)?  Read more > 
'If you don't apply, you can't win!'

Scholarship image - royalty free
Mark your calendar and download those online apps: April 10 is the deadline to apply for dozens of scholarships and grants offered through the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.
TRUE OR FALSE? |Fraternity Examinations 
Q: Chapter sisters are required to pass a Fraternity examination each year.
A: TRUE! Sisters must pass with a grade of 75% (see Article IX of the International Bylaws). Chapters can also opt for an approved Fraternity educational event, as outlined in your Chapter Excellence portfolio.
Find and download an approved exam in the Resource section - Collegiate Chapters, Fraternity Education.

REMEMBER: If your chapter does not take the exam OR complete the Chapter Excellence requirements for Fraternity Education, your archon will have to take the exam this summer at Convention!


Phi Sig is pleased to announce that, for the 2009-2010 academic year, there will be NO dues increase. Please announce this to your chapters ASAP - and consider this our way to say "thanks" for your continuing hard work to make Phi Sig the best it can be during challenging economic times!
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
PAY YOUR WAY... Easy as 1, 2, 3!
New convenient credit feature
Credit card art - royalty freeIn yet another way Phi Sig is responding to your needs, BillHighway now accepts convenient credit card payments for your membership fees! Here's how it works:
  1. Access your account on www.billhighway.com.
  2. Select the amount you want to pay.
  3. Choose any major credit card, complete the required fields and submit. That's it!
Remember: You can still opt to pay with
e-check, pay-by-phone or pay-by-mail. Questions? Contact your Membership Manager at 410-799-1224.
Important dates at a glance

All students must "sign" Fraternity policies through our convenient, online acknowledgement form. Hurry, it's required for Chapter Excellence! Click here!
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MARCH 10 - Collegiate Calendar Items:
  • Archon's Monthly Letter
  • Chapter Scholarship Form
  • Collegiate Chapter Finance Committee meeting minutes
  • CRA deposit
  • Foundation donation

Find and download these new references from the Resource section in the secure part of our Web site:
  • NPC Manual of Information
  • All reference sheets and guides you received at Leadership Conference
$19.13 DRESS BOUTIQUE | Help young women look great for their proms!
Prom photo - royalty freeYou're a Phi Sig, so you've got style to spare. That means the cute, classy and fun dresses you wore last year for formals are just as trendy and terrific today, of course!
But if, for any reason, you've got your sights set on new styles this year, here's one more way to turn yesterday's flirty formals into something fabulous: Donate gently used and dry-cleaned dresses to the $19.13 Dress Boutique - Phi Sig's newest community service and media relations event!
Your donated dresses will help teen women in an underserved community near Headquarters look spectacular for one of the most important days of their lives: high school prom! 
Want more information on how to help? Call HQ at 410-799-1224.
Welcome to our newest staffers...
Field Consultant KELLY PAGEAU
A 2008 graduate of Delta Iota at Central Michigan University, Kelly hopes to be a creative director for a marketing/advertising firm or an events-planning company. Loves reading, drawing, photography and is a movie buff. "I am extremely proud to be a Phi Sig, and I am glad this position lets me share my passion and pride for the Fraternity with other sisters!"
Field Consultant LaNETTE SLOAN
Also a 2008 graduate of Delta Iota, LaNette hopes to attend grad school and work in corporate finance. Loves shopping, going to the movies, hanging with friends and family. "Staying active as a Phi Sig field consultant is a blast! I've loved helping our new colony, Sacred Heart, and I look forward to sharing all the great ideas I've seen nationwide with even more chapters!"
Communications Consultant LISA ROMERO
A graduate of Michigan State University, Lisa was a founder of Epsilon Zeta at Bloomsburg University. Today, she's a writer, author, trainer and speaker. Loves laughing, reading Dickens, watching classic movies and helping others. "Phi Sig is forever - and using my experience to help give a 'voice to the vision' of our sisterhood is one of the best jobs I could ever dream of."