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:: keeping formals fabulous
:: spotting phi sig's next top sister
:: rumor mill: dues going up?
:: attend uifi 4 free (here's how)
:: more scholarships than ever!
:: better budgeting on billhighway
:: dates & deadlines
Catch spring fever ... the Savvy way!  | HQ's monthly message, just for you 
 Spring is here!
Now that spring's finally sprung, you probably can't wait to get outside again, enjoy the fresh air, catch some rays and hang out with friends! After all, spring is when we make some of our best college memories!
Still, we've all heard stories of spring fever run amok, too - where usually smart college students take silly risks with sad, often life-changing results (so unnecessary, as we know).
Just remember: No matter what the occasion, Phi Sigs always know how to have the MOST fun while being responsible for themselves, their sisters, their campuses and even their communities. So get out there, have a blast - and be safe! It's the Phi Sig Savvy way to ensure you continue achieving even greater success in college and life!
 Michelle - first name signature       
Michelle Ardern, Executive Director
Fabulous Formals:
Can your chapter meet the Savvy challenge?

Take our quick quiz - and find out whether your party's legit ... and legal
Formals - Phi Sig styleWith your knockout dress and a rockin' date to match, you are sooo ready for this year's formal!
Now, take a moment as one of Phi Sig's VIP chapter leaders to ensure your Sapphire Ball (or any other "spring fling" you've got planned) meets the Phi Sig Savvy challenge.
Take our 2-minute quiz to find out - and learn whether any of HQ's easy tips and guidelines can help your chapter enjoy the most fun with the least risk. Read more > 
<3 recruiting | Wish Lists

Is your chapter perfectly poised to pick Phi Sig's next "Top Sister?"

Phi Sig's Next Top SisterIf you don't currently have a "wish list" of sisters you'd love to add to your chapter, consider drafting one - the sooner, the better!
Without it, your chapter's not only making recruitment much harder than it has to be, 
you're also missing out on the best women on campus - the very girls you want to join! Read more >
rumor mill | Member Dues 
Q: Is it true that annual dues will not increase next year despite the economic downturn?
A: YES! As first reported in last month's Savvy, dues are staying exactly the same for 2009-1010, and so are new member fees.
Phi Sig knows the value you place on your educational investment - and this year, we wanted to help your dollars stretch further by keeping dues lower.
Phi Sig Magazine StoreYou can help keep fees in check!
Here's how:
Buy your fave magazines at the new Phi Sig Magazine Store - and ask your parents, grandparents and friends to do the same! For every subscription purchased, Phi Sig earns an amazing 40% of the proceeds - all of which strengthens our growing sisterhood.
Let's work together to keep costs lower!
my phi sig | Web Site Tips

Log onto My Phi Sig for one of this month's
top-rated online resources:

100 by 100New Web Site: Cool features and questions answered - Learn the easy tips and tricks that can make your new profile pop and your interactive Phi Sig experience the best it can be. 

leader gig | Attend UIFI 4 Free

100 by 100Do you cherish your Phi Sig experience and care deeply about the future of Greek Life? Are you a leader with a knack for seeing ways to improve our world - and persuading others to help?
If so, consider applying for this summer's 5-day Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute, held at Indiana University.
Apply online before May 1 - and the Phi Sig Foundation could offer you a free "scholarship" to the event, including travel expenses (a $500+ value)! One lucky Phi Sig will win.... Maybe YOU!
Questions? Call 410-799-1224 ext. 16, or write

snaps | Cash For Classes!

Scholarships & Grants

Apply in April for Phi Sig scholarships and grants worth thousands (really!)
Never before have there been so many opportunities for Phi Sigs to apply - and possibly win - merit scholarships and educational grants.
Start with our Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which boasts nearly two dozen scholarships and grants worth $300 to $5,000. Deadline is April 10. Read more >
Then, check out the North American Interfraternal Foundation (NIF) scholarships, worth up to $1,000! Deadline is April 15. Read more >
Tip: Most applications require letters of recommendation. Don't delay - start today!
$avvy money | Better Budgets

3 tips to planning a great 2009-2010! Deadline: April 10
Got the "annual budget blues?" Here's help:
Budgeting1) Be sure to incorporate all the international fees for next year. You should've received the complete list from HQ in recent weeks. If not, contact your membership manager.
2) Compare this year's budget to last year - and ask committee chairs whether they had enough funds to accomplish their goals. Ask them to submit brief reports and to be specific.
3) Get the chapter finance committee together now. (Hint: It's chaired by the bursar, and also includes the CKA/finance advisor, vice archon and MAL.) Then review what you're hearing from committees, as well as what exec wants to achieve next year. Where can you allocate extra funds or cut back? Should you ramp up fundraising? The choice is yours! Contact HQ for more assistance.

Dates & Deadlines

dates & deadlines | DUE ASAP
  1. Students must "sign" Fraternity policies using our convenient, online acknowledgement form.
  2. Foundation donations were due March 10. Minimum donation = $35/sister. Questions? Call HQ. 
  3. Chapter reports filed? Remember, you'll need 80% compliance to meet Chapter Excellence requirements.
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  • Archon's Monthly Letter
  • Collegiate Chapter Finance Committee meeting minutes
  • Budget entered into Billhighway

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worth noting |COMING SOON
service spotlight | Celebrate 'Donate Life Month' With This Handy Kit!
Donate Life Month - April 2009Now, there are TWO great ways to share our Phi Sig Foundation's passion for saving lives through the miracle of organ and tissue transplantation:
1) Log onto the Donate Life Web site
, which describes several simple ways to raise awareness of this important issue during April, which is National Donate Life Month.

2) Download the Foundation's exclusive Transplant Games Philanthropy Recruitment Kit to find quick, effective ideas your chapter can use to attract new members, boost your image on campus and celebrate Phi Sig's sponsorship of this life-saving, life-changing national event!

tiptop tip? | Let's hear from you!  
Starting next month, we'll end each issue of Savvy with advice you can put to use right away - straight from our chapter leaders, advisors and committed volunteers on the front lines of Phi Sig's phenomenal success story in the making as we approach our Centennial in 2013.
Got a "tiptop tip" to share? Write us at