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Orange Flowers
Pumkin Planters
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Alison Friedricks
Alison Friedricks

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The leaves are changing, the weather has cooled and the sun is setting a little earlier every night. Although you may be sad to see the summer end, and unprepared for the winter chill, autumn is a time of year almost everyone can appreciate - and what better way to express your love for fall than with some festive and simple fall décor.

Here are four simple decorating ideas for fall.
Orange Flowers
Everyone loves the colors of the changing leaves and the signature color of  pumpkins, but why not go for something a little different? Choose a bouquet of orange, gold and red flowers (real or silk) and place them in a vase of your choice. You could also fasten them into a door wreath or arrange them around the base of a candle - the options are endless!

Kitchen with orange flowers
Pumpkin Planters
Mums are  a wonderful cool weather friendly plant to display. Give them an extra fall-esque touch with a bright orange pumpkin. Carve out a few gourds and place a small potted plant within. Seat the pumpkin planters on your front steps for a bright touch.
Green Apples in Flowers Vase
Few other items signify harvest season quite like a basket of delicious apples. Arrange multi-colored apples into a basket or bowl as a centerpiece, or place them on the mantle. Apples can also add a stunning look when placed in tall glass vase instead of flowers.

Spices Autumn Inspiration Decor 
One inexpensive and easy way to give your home a seasonal touch is by collecting fall items and displaying them in small arrangements around your home. For example, a few sticks of cinnamon, dried berries, leaves and sprigs of sage in a glass dish can make for a fragrant and beautifully colored potpourri.  After all, who doesn't love the smell of autumn?
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